Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tyly Does Something

In keeping with my promise to feature anyone on the blog who shares their own story of doing “something”, I present to you Tyly.  Tyly writes her own blog over at Living Life… One Mile at a Time.  I have extra love for Tyly because she’s a Texan and, more importantly, a Pittsburgh Steelers fan!

Must be tough having perfect skin and a gorgeous face no? 

Here is her inspirational story about her recent 5k Personal Record. 

This morning was the 5k in Brownwood that James's granny sponsored both James and I for.  We drove to Brownwood last night and headed all together to the 5k this morning.  It started at 8 am, and we were there in plenty of time.  There were 53 runners in all, so it was a pretty small event.  Even though it was small, it was still very nice and organized.  Not only was there a nice finish line with goodies, but they also used timing chips on your shoe, which most of my local 5ks do not.

It started right on time, and we were off!  James and I were together at the very start, but I pulled ahead pretty quickly.  We each had different goals in mind, so we knew we weren't running together from the very start.  He wanted to beat 40:00, and I wanted to beat my
3 year old PR of 32:25.

It was hard to stick with my plan of starting slow, because it's so frustrating to watch everyone else zoom by you in the very beginning.  I just had to keep in mind that I would probably be catching up to all of them later.

The course was nice and flat for the most part.  I felt good the entire race and tried to focus on my music.  I've found that when I let myself think during a race, I find myself in trouble.  I start to question myself and focus on all the negative things, so I tried to shut it off the second I felt it creeping in.

After my turnaround headed back towards the finish, I noticed James on his way towards the turnaround.  He looked tired, but he was still moving along.  I wasn't sure about how his finish would go, because he definitely did not have a happy face on!  Haha.

I headed back towards the finish in good spirits.  In that moment I was pretty sure I'd be able to meet my goal, so I just maintained my pace and chugged along.  I saw the finish line area in the distance, so I picked it up to run hard.  It was then that I saw the clock said 30:--!  What?!  I had been watching my pace sporadically throughout the race, but I didn't look at the overall time.  I was shocked to see that!  I sprinted towards the end and crossed in 30:13!
Now that is amazing.  Wonderfully awesome!  However, it wasn't until later that I saw this:

According to my Garmin, the race measured out as 2.96 miles, not 3.1.  Ugh!!!  So in other words, I'm short 0.14 of a 5k.  I feel like I'm cheating if I claim 30:13 as my new PR if it wasn't the full distance.  I also feel like it would make beating my current "PR" harder when I try in a race that does measure the full 3.1.  Man!  If I wasn't wearing my Garmin, I'd be none the wiser.  Although, I have to think that even if I did run an extra 0.14 mile, I still would have beat my 32:25.

But... rather than focusing on the negative, let's look at the positives.  My average pace was a 10:11!!!!  That's incredible!  My best pace came when I pushed it at the end, and it was a 6:21!!!
Of course, this left me kicking myself for not pushing it a tiny bit earlier, because I know I could have broken 30:00!

Look at those kick-ass, perfect splits!!!  That's beautiful.  Never have I ever pulled off the desired negative splits like that.
With numbers like that, how can I be anything but proud?

Right after the race, I received an email with all of my information.  You can see that they have my chip time as a 30:11 {even better than 30:13!} and an average pace of 9:44 per mile.  Oh how beautiful, but that's based on the full 3.1 miles.  Someday that will be true!

James came in strong at a 35:20, blowing passed his 40 minute goal!
It was a fantastic morning, and I am so proud of both James and I!

Great job Tyly!  I, for one, am inspired.  You pushed and crushed your previous record.  Ok, ok even if the course was short, you’re right you still would have crushed it.  That just means you’ll have to kick butt again this weekend. 

Head on over to Tyly’s Blog and and tell her how awesome she did.  Tell her I sent you! 

And while you’re clicking don’t forget to click here and vote for me for Top 25 Health and Fitness Mom Blogs at Circle of Moms.  The days are dwindling down.  I promise I won’t be begging asking much longer. 


Tyly said...

Awwww, thank you so much! You're too sweet, and I think the best part of me is that I LOVE THE STEELERS! :-D

PittGranny said...

Good for Tyly-did you happen to notice that she didn't put herself down? She gave herself praise and was HAPPY WITH HERSELF! Let that inspire you!!!

xoxoxoxo G.

Susan Tirch said...

Well not the BEST part but pretty darn close. haha Thanks for your story.

Susan Tirch said...

I'm always happy with my races. What you trying to say PittGranny? lol

Ronald Obringer said...

This was a pretty cool idea Susan! Congrats to TYLY...she should definitely look into the accuracy of the garmin...because if they are off by a certain percentage she just may have had a PR...I thinkt eh GPS watches are not nearly as accurate when you get down to small numbers like that....;)

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