Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You Might Be a Mother

First things first.  As you probably already know I’ve been nominated for the Top 25 Heath and Fitness blogs on Circle of Moms.  You are allowed to vote once every 24 hours from now until June 1st.  I’d really appreciate a vote if you feel so inclined.  Just click here and then click the thumbs up next to my blog name.  Really it’s in your best interest because if I get enough votes I MIGHT shut up.  Thanks! 

If you have to get a helicopter out of someone’s hair… You might be a mother. 

Buzz haircut 001Buzz haircut 002

If you give haircuts in the backyard… You might be a mother.

Buzz haircut 003Buzz haircut 021Buzz haircut 035

If you schedule play dates for your children just so you know you’ll clean your house… You might be a mother. 

gg lg eet

If putting in your glitter sweatyband is dressing up… You might be a mother.

sdt sweaty band

If your heart breaks when you see a strike out… You might be a mother.

close up

If you take pictures of sleeping children to remember the angels they really are… You might be a mother.

Sleeping kids 003Sleeping kids 006Sleeping kids 001

If you once said you’d be a garbage man for you kids…. You might be a mother (most likely mine).

cin sdt

If you write lame blog posts at 11 o’clock at night… You’re definitely a mother. 

golf sdt kids

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Anonymous said...

Nothing better than being a MOM!Oh, wait - ther IS being a GRANDMOTHER!!! xoxoxo G.

K cubed said...

We definitely give haircuts in the back yard as well. It is the only way to go.

Kara said...

Love this post :)

I always think about "You might be a mom if..." when I find a Cheerio in my hair.

Unknown said...


A-Nik said...

Those don't look like "mom hands" taking out the helicopter....just sayin'. Hahahahaha. How did THAT happen? I've done all of the above except for the helicopter mishap, but I give haircuts in the bathroom. hahaha

Unknown said...

Nice! I just love the fact that you are taking time to take pictures of the helicopter in the hair...LOL

ps...i click twice a day..once from work computer, once from home!

Chunky Monkey said...

Best job in the world!

Mary said...

Helicopter in the hair is by far my favorite! haha

And sweaty glitterbands ROCK!

Angie F. said...

Poor Ella! Been there, only mine was a Romper Stomper and that HURTS. Love this post and Jack's new hairdo!!

Mary said...

Helicopter in the hair is by far my favorite! haha

And sweaty glitterbands ROCK!

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