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Cars 2 Review

Hello from Pittsburgh.  I’m having a lot of fun with my friends and family in Pittsburgh.  Things have been non stop since I’ve gotten in town, but I’ll be back soon with a full report of the happenings.  Until then enjoy this post from my friend Cooper. 
Hello there! My name is Cooper and I have the pleasure of being Susan's guest blogger for the day. My mom was Susan's former coworker here in Pittsburgh. Like Susan, I also enjoy running and staying active. At the age of sixteen, I already have three half-marathons under my belt. While blogging about exercise and just good ole life comes so naturally to Susan, I could never come up with things to post on my life every day. So therefore, I write my very on blog that is comprised of movie reviews. For nearly one year, I have been writing reviews on movies from all of the Oscar Best Picture nominees to those movies that come out that are our guilty pleasures. However, I never know exactly what I think about a movie until the morning after I have seen it. That is exactly why I titled my blog The Morning After... The Movies I thought a great review to write and share with you all would be on the latest Disney•Pixar movie, Cars 2. So of course keep reading Susan's blog, but don't forget to add mine to your list and become a follower. Comments are more than welcome!
Cars 2
Last summer when I decided to begin writing this blog, I began to think of a great way to start off my blog. At the time, the only review I had written was for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, but then I had a better idea. I would kick things off by expressing my A+ opinion of Toy Story 3. Pixar really is pretty consistent when it comes to making great movies, the exception being WALL•E. So in a way, I thought it might be good luck. Although now it seems WALL•E may have some stiff competition for the least memorable Pixar production.
    After competing with great success in races stateside, Lightening McQueen (Owen Wilson) is going international. Once Lightening and company arrive in the first destination of the World Grand Prix, Lightening begins to regret taking his best friend Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) to the festivities. Feeling neglected, Mater is ready to board the next flight back to Radiator Springs, only to get swept up in a secret spy mission.
    Cars 2, we're not in Radiator Springs anymore. I loved the simplicity of the original 2006 film. The first movie had tranquility and a "down home" feel to it that was very reassuring and cozy. It was also very wholesome and calm, not allowing ridiculous action or harshness to the mix. In other words, everything that was good about the first Cars was left out of the second.
    Even for an animated film set in a cars-dominated universe, the whole spy plot and theme is painfully farfetched. If it weren't for the fact that all of the characters in the opening scene were talking cars, the audience may be lead to believe that the new 007 came out a year and a half early. Not only that, but none of the characters in this scene were in the first one, making the audience feel like a frightened child separated from their parents in a busy supermarket.
    Once the story comes back to Radiator Springs, it is evident that Mater is verging on being a mouthy disturbance, rather than the sidekick that we all know and love from back in the day. Lightening has lost his flashy stud-persona while overdosing on the signature "ka-chow!"'s. Enjoy Bonnie Hunt's Sally in this scene while you can because once you experience jet lag from the jump to Japan, the pretty Porsche is left in the Springs. In fact, Lightening might as well be stuck back home as well because Mater has become quite the fame hog. With his new action star status, there is barely room for the real star of the films. The writers took what would be the perfect story for one of the Disney Channel's Cars Toons and turned the spy escapades into an idea of idiocy that eclipses what really matters to the film.
    Cars 2 may be a fender bender, but it is a pretty one. The neon pastel lights of Tokyo, the beautiful Italian coast, and the English and French architecture all look superb in a Pixar-ized sense. If only the filmmakers would have put as much effort into the story line that should be setting the scenery into motion as they did making sure they could visually top Woody and Buzz.
    In the end, will the pre-K and grade school set care that the above thirteen crowd thinks this prolonged silly craziness is ridiculous? No. They will be attracted to the goofiness of the explosions and the "suspense" of a deadly conspiracy against one of the characters. You know animation has gone south once Pixar creates something not worth seeing, or really even talking about. Cars 2 has too many tricks under its hood, and should be left in the garage the morning after.
• Owen Wilson
• Larry the Cable Guy
• John Turturro
• Emily Mortimer
• Michael Caine
Running Time
112 minutes
I hope you enjoyed Cooper’s review and don’t forget to stop on over at Cooper’s Blog and say hello.  Thanks Cooper for writing this post and even though I hate to admit it, I agree C+ at best.  I really wanted it to be better. Sad smile 


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