Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dying for Fun

Yesterday Ella had a friend over and she was spending the night.  I had told them we would go out to dinner, but the people who were supposed to install our blinds were late (go figure) and there was no way we would be able to fit it all in.  Instead of going out to dinner I baited them with takeout pizza and crafts.  They bit. 

I headed to Walmart in search of Rit Dye and rubber bands so we could tie dye t-shirts.  Then I remembered…   You see, this isn’t my first time tie dying shirts.  I’ve done it before, with the help of my good friend Jami, for Nicholas’ 6th birthday party.  We made them for all the boys who attended the party and it was a BIG hit. 

Nicholas' 6th BDay Iceburgh 004

Anyway, I remember the processing being relatively easy, but not much fun or involvement for the kids so I thought I’d try tie dying with Sharpie markers and alcohol. 

So I’m heading down the aisle in Walmart with four kids in tow and what do I see?  A tie dye kit with everything I would need!  I’m in! 

[The link I provided isn’t for the EXACT kit I bought as I got more colors, but Walmart (or anyone else for that matter) didn’t have the one I bought online, but it is the one pictured below.]    Alvin D26507 Super Big One Step Tie Dye Kit

The kit had 8 different colors (just add water), plastic to put down to keep your area clean, 100 rubber bands, and 5 sets of plastic gloves.  We had to buy our own T-shirts and tote bags to dye. 

Tie Dye Craft 001Tie Dye Craft 002

I would suggest protecting every area that could possibly be splattered with dye, including your kids’ clothes.  I had each of the kids wear an old T-shirt. 

Tie Dye Craft 003

Next we prepped our shirts (the girls also did tote bags) with the rubber bands.  There are many ways to use the rubber bands to make different patterns, but we used what I thought would be the easiest for the kids.

Tie Dye Craft 004Tie Dye Craft 005Tie Dye Craft 006Tie Dye Craft 007

All you have to do to get started with the dye is add water to the fill line on the bottles, shake and go.  I was thinking if you don’t want to buy a kit you could easily use the same concept mixing Rit dye and adding it to a squirt bottle.  Having the dye in a bottle definitely makes the process much more kid friendly. 

Tie Dye Craft 011Tie Dye Craft 012Tie Dye Craft 013Tie Dye Craft 015

Next take a deep breath and allow the kids to squirt the colors on their shirts.  It didn’t occur to me until later in the process to put a paper towel under the shirts to absorb the excess dye, but once I did it definitely helped with the mess factor.  Ideally, this would be an outdoor project, but when it’s 102 degrees outside, the kitchen table sounded pretty good. 

Tie Dye Craft 023Tie Dye Craft 048Tie Dye Craft 053Tie Dye Craft 026Tie Dye Craft 031Tie Dye Craft 055Tie Dye Craft 039

Once your masterpieces have been created, wrap them in the provided plastic and allow them to sit for 6 to 8 hours.  I’m not sure why they are supposed to stay damp (that’s why you wrap them), but that’s what the directions said so I did it. 

I allowed mine to sit overnight.  When I woke up, I removed the rubber bands and rinsed each item in the laundry sink until the water ran clear.  A LONG TIME!  Next I washed the items in the washing machine on the hottest setting.  I was paranoid that every color would fade into one another and I would wind up with brown tie dye shirts, but the colors didn’t really fade at all. 

I tossed them in the dryer and they were ready to wear.  Ella and Isa also made tote bags.  We ironed on a photo of the girls using Avery iron on transfer paper.  Everything turned out so cute and I think everyone had A LOT of fun!  Who really wanted to go out to a nice dinner anyway?  

Tie Dye Finish Product 003Tie Dye Finish Product 005Tie Dye Finish Product 011Tie Dye Finish Product 012Tie Dye Finish Product 014


kelly said...

those are super cute. What fun

amy_niklaus said...

Awesome idea!! You are def the crafty mom. The craft gene was just latent in look. I just love Jack's enthusiasm for pics! He makes me pee myself!!!

Ronald Obringer said...

i remember doing that as a kid! jack kills me in every picture..his animation is classic!

Rebecca Holden said...

Love this idea for a sleepover! The tote bags are especially cute!

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