Monday, June 20, 2011

The Finish Line

Lately someone can say something to me or I can hear a song on the radio and I’ll really get to thinking about it.  Maybe I’m just hanging around people that have a lot of great things to say or maybe I’m just becoming really philosophical in my old young age. 


It really doesn’t matter why I’m thinking so much because it has inspired a lot of great internal dialogue. 

Anyway today during Body Pump my instructor said something and I couldn’t help but think she was right.  She talked about giving your all during ALL parts of your workout and not giving up in the end just because it’s hard. 

She made such a great point about how you feel and act when you see that elusive finish line during a race.  You don’t just lollygag around and say, “I’ve run the whole way, I think I’ll just walk the rest of the way.”  We definitely don’t do that when we see a finish line.  What do we all do?  We sprint to the end raising our hands in victory, crying, laughing, smiling.


We definitely don’t stop at 26 miles of a marathon and think that’s good enough.  We give it our all and finish at 26.2 strong and proud. 

How do you think your life could be different if you lived EVERY minute like you were crossing the finish line? 

finish sdt

What kind of mother would you be at the finish line?

finish kids

What kind of daughter would you be at the finish line?

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What kind of spouse would you be at the finish line?

gpt sdt bike

I know I’m giving 110% at the finish line-- fighting to take just one more second off my time, living in the moment and soaking it all in. 


Think how much better all our lives would be if we treated every moment like it were the last steps of a race.  I think the world, and your life, would be a much better place. 

How do you finish a race?  Do you give it your all?  How would your life change if you lived every moment like it were the finish line? 


Jessica Jensen said...

I totally agree with you and am trying to live my life more fully. I am trying to be a better mother everyday and I know that by running and training for this next marathon will help me to do that. You have a great blog and I love to read your posts!

Ronald Obringer said...

excellent! am i permitted to also start driving like the destination is the finish line? :) (seriously though...great post)

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