Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flamingo 5K Race Recap

What an awesome day we had, starting off with a totally awesome run for Nicholas. 


In case you’re new here, today was Nicholas’ (my 7 year old) first 5K.  It was the Flamingo 5K in support of women’s health, so runners were encouraged to dress up and wear pink!  Julie and I decided to go all out and rock the pink tutus.

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Even though we were just running this race for fun I was still so nervous.  I’m not exactly sure why except that I really wanted Nicholas to do well AND have fun.  I especially wanted him to have fun because I wanted him to love it and want to do it again (for obvious reasons). 

We started with a warm up and Nicholas sprinted!  That is EXACTLY what I was worried about.  I was worried he would start off too fast and not be able to finish.  (ha!)

sdt wnt back of shirt

Notice the shirt Nicholas is wearing, it was made by yours truly.  It has his name and says, “This is my first 5K, Cheer for me.”  It worked too because everyone was cheering away! 

We also met up with my friend Bianca and her SOPHOMORE (no longer a freshman) daughter, Tracy.  I seriously have gorgeous friends right? 

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After a little Zumba warm up we were ready to head to the start line. 


Nicholas had learned a little about pacing at run club and I had explained to him that I didn’t want him to start off too quickly.  I planned on keeping him at an 11:00 to 11:30 pace (again, ha!).  As soon as we started he was trying to take off.  I literally was holding him back.

wnt sdt start

I’m not really sure how far we were into it before I gave up on keeping him back.  He was irritated and “didn’t want to go slow”. 

sdt wnt jkh run

After I gave him free reign to just go, he bolted off and I prayed that he would have the stamina to make it to the end.  Julie and I agreed to just run a nice comfortable pace and have fun.  

At just about a mile into the race Julie and I caught up to her step son Peyton and he was struggling.   She decided to walk with Peyton and help him through the rest of the race.  She told me to go on.  I felt torn, but at that time I was worried about Nicholas.  I wondered how he’d feel if he got tired or if he’d know to drink.

This was a looped course and also an out and back (hard to explain), the point is, I got to see Nicholas a lot during the race.  He appeared to be doing well and having fun, but, at that time,  I really had no idea if he truly was.


Just before mile two I saw that Nicholas had caught up with Bianca and Tracy. 

Flamingo 5K 138

I quit worrying, knowing he was in good hands and focused on not dying.  It was SO hot! 


As it turns out, Nicholas was perfectly fine the whole time.  Bianca told me he was smiling and happy, VERY confident that I would not catch him.  She said every time someone cheered for him (because of his shirt) he would sprint.  She said she wanted to tell everyone to stop cheering for him.  Winking smile 



After Julie dropped back to be with Peyton, I picked up my pace quite a bit, but wasn’t willing to kill myself to try to catch up to Nicholas.  I hovered behind and saw him during the out and back portions.  Just before the finish I felt like I finally had a chance to really catch Nicholas, Bianca and Tracy.  I was so happy that I could  probably cross the finish line with him. 

Oh NO!  Little did I know Tracy and Nicholas would have a sprint to the finish.  I certainly didn’t have it in me to catch them then. 

wnt bc tcwnt tc2

Nicholas, Tracy and Bianca crossed the finish line in 32:22 and Nicholas had a lot of gas left in the tank.  I was so proud of him and felt foolish for trying to hold him back.

Flamingo 5K 284Flamingo 5K 293

I finished about 30 seconds or so behind them.  Yes, as I was reminded ALL DAY LONG, I got beat by my son.

sdt finishsdt finish2

Julie helped Peyton make it through the race, encouraging him the whole way to do the walk/run method.  Even though the race hadn’t gone exactly as we planned it would, I know Julie had fun doing the race with Peyton.  After a long “battle” to get Peyton across the finish line, Peyton sprinted to his solo finish.  Just like a man!  Winking smile 

Flamingo 5K 341

Oh well, because Julie rocked that tutu right on through the finish line with a smile on her face.

jkh finish2

As always, I have to give a shout out to my cheering section and photography crew.  It means a lot to have the love and support of my WHOLE family. 


Way to go Nicholas!!! We love you!!!

wnt sign

P.S.  He has been bitten by the bug.  There WILL be more 5Ks VERY soon!


XLMIC said...

You look so happy ... and tan! Great job to both you and Nicholas :) Wishing you a great weekend!

Tonia said...

So fun. Congrats to you and Nicholas!

tracey smith said...

What a great race- everyone looked like they had such a wonderful time. I love seeing all of the kids running. Love the tutus also!

G. said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! xoxox G.

Tri4Success said...

Congrats Nicholas! Soon you'll have to do like us and plan for someone to be at the finish for every race. Julian always been the fastest in our family.

Maria said...

How fun! Way to go Nicholas!!!

Ronald ObringeR said...

SO SO awesome!! Congrats Nicholas!! I wish my parents would have started me on 5k's at his age!!

Kim @ (Just) Trying said...

I love that he has caught the running bug. What a great family event, loved the tutus!

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