Sunday, June 5, 2011

Focus on What Really Matters

Well I have one week out of twenty-four weeks of marathon training under my belt.  I can’t say it was the best.  I’ve realized this week that my plan needs a little tweaking. 

  Planned Actual
Monday cross NOTHING
Tuesday rest 1 hr body sculpt
Wednesday 3 miles 3 miles
Thursday 30 minutes bike 22 minute swim
Friday 3 miles pace NOTHING
Saturday rest 5K Race
Sunday 6 miles 6 miles

People are always asking me how I do things and the truth of the matter is I’m beginning to wonder that myself.  I feel like I’m limited by two factors.  First, my children.  I don’t mean that to sound mean, but let’s face it I can’t run a 3 mile pace run with THREE kids and I can’t ride my bike with them either.  Although, Nicholas DID prove to be a GREAT 3 mile pace training partner, (read his first 5k recap here) so maybe we can get out together. 


Second, the HEAT.  I’ve been living in Texas for nine months now and I haven’t adjusted to the heat.  Will I ever?  Doubtful. 

So, in order to do my marathon training, survive the heat, AND be a good mother, I’m going to need to do some tweaking to my schedule.  Here is how it will look from here on out.  (I hope)

  Strength Cardio
Monday Body Pump Spin
Tuesday Rest Speed/Tempo Run
Wednesday Weights by Susan Spin
Thursday Rest Longish Run
Friday Body Pump Rest
Saturday Rest Rest
Sunday Rest Long Run

It is obvious that this plan is NOT ideal and will probably require further tweaking as time goes on, but I have to do what I can when I can do it.  ALL my kids will be in school on Tues/Thurs when my mileage is ramped up and I need to be able to do my running outdoors (i.e. NOT on the treadmill) and without kids.  In addition spin is only offered on Mondays and Wednesdays in the morning so it’s best to have cycling and cross days be Mondays and Wednesdays.  Ideally I’d love to be out on my bike, but I just can’t make that happen during the summer with 3 kids.  I’m hoping spin class is going to be enough to get me through. 


If anyone is even still reading this then you’ll be glad to know Day 1/Week 2 of marathon training was a “success”.  All that really means is my plan called for 6 and I ran 6. 

6 Mile Run

  • Mile 1:  10:52
  • Mile 2:  10:48
  • Mile 3:  10:58
  • Mile 4:  11:06
  • Mile 5:  11:14
  • Mile 6:  11:06

Total:  1:06:08

Average:  11:01

I’ve been so stressed out this week about having a PERFECT schedule and making everything work out just right.  After a lot of contemplation, I realized no marathon training plan is going to be perfect.  I’ve come up with a plan that I hope will work for ME.   Let’s face it, marathon training is not my job-- it’s my hobby. 

I’m not going to stress, I’m going to focus on what REALLY matters to me and I’m confident everything else will work itself out. 



Kortni said...

I have been running in this heat for almost 12 years. You do get more used to it, but I will say the best cure is to run at 5:30/6am. That is brutal, but it is over and the rest of the day is yours! Good luck!!

XLMIC said...

Are you able to workout early in the morning and beat the heat? Or in the night after the kids are in bed? It is really tricky, I totally agree! I am not a morning person, but by the time my 4 are in bed, I am one tired pup! I'll bet you figure out a way to get enough miles under your belt to make that marathon work for you :) Wishing you the best!

Dani said...

Hi, I'm a new reader and I just have to say, I'm loving your blog.

I'm sure you will be able to get the miles in for marathon training. Good luck with the heat. I'm in Vermont and just when you get used to running in below freezing temps, we get spring and random 80 degree days.

I loved reading about the 5K you ran with your son. It was so sweet. My son is 18 months and I am excited just thinking about the possibility of him running with me when he gets older.

tracey smith said...

I was going to say the same thing as some of the others. Early morning runs or running on the treadmill after the kids are in bed (which I know you hate). If I didn't do either of those, I would never get any running in. It does stink to get up so early, but then you are done and feel so good- try it soon. I promise it is not as bad as you think!

Can't wait to see you soon!

Fancy Nancy said...

I always need to refocus myself. I stress too about completing the perfect schedule and lose sight of the journey and what really matters! I hope this week will bring you peace and success!

Tri4Success said...

We frequently have to do workouts in early morning or late night when the kids are sleeping. On the plus side, the temps are better then. On the down side, you either have to get up super-early or motivate yourself after a long day.

G. said...

Yep = THEY are what REALLY matters!! xoxo G.

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