Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun Track Workout

Hello to all the momswimbikerun fans out there. I'm Ron, DadMtnBikeRunFishPhotogBuildDietChangeGuy, I write an incredibly informative mostly amusing, and wildly popular somewhat unknown blog that my mom, sister, and Susan read (7 followers). You can find my writing at http://transformational-changes.blogspot.com/ . I mostly write about my current weight loss and exercise routines as well as our preparations for our son due in August. I try to cover a wide variety of subject matter relating to anything that has changed in our lives and add some humor to it when I can.

I am a pharmacist working full time in the Pittsburgh area and met Susan when we worked together at Sam's Club in Pittsburgh, PA. I work many long days and trying to fit in workouts amid my schedule can sometimes be a challenge. I can't begin to imagine what it will be like when our son gets here, but I am crossing my fingers that I will have time to keep up my workouts and be a great daddy. I started writing because I wanted to document my weight loss and also journal what it is like becoming a dad for the first time.
I don't proclaim to be an expert at anything, but I can tell you that after college I became an expert at eating, drinking (a lot), and not exercising. When I met my wife Christine in August 2007 I weighed about 230lbs if my memory serves me. We were no strangers to the restaurant and bar scene in Pittsburgh and I had became quite the cook. While Christine spent 2 to 3 days a week in the gym I usually worked out my fingers on the xbox. I continued to balloon my weight upward settling somewhere in the 240's. I am only 5'11” so I was definitely on track to put myself in some trouble if I continued gaining at this pace.

ron and christine

Once we were engaged we decided to start exercising together to get ready for the wedding. We started out doing a couch to 5k program started by our local Fleet Feet store. We chose running because it was something I did through high school and into college and because Christine had expressed interest in wanting to try a marathon at some point in her life. We completed the program and in the meantime I also lost a fair amount of weight, getting down to around 210 on the wedding day (12/12/2009). After the honeymoon we immediately began training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon on May 2nd 2010. This was actually Christine's first ever organized race, she had never even done a 5k before! I ran the entire race with her and we finished it together, it was an amazing experience.

ron and christine

I then kind of fell off the wagon and drifted away from exercise again blowing back up to 235lbs by Christmastime 2010. On the week of our anniversary we found out we were pregnant with our son and that's when the light went on. If I continued gaining weight at this pace I would be 300lbs by the time he was born. I couldn't be a fat dad!! No way!! So I took a big step and joined WeightWatchers for men online, started running again, working out with bodyweight resistance workouts, and making a permanent change in my life. I am now (as of this writing) down below 205lbs, with my ultimate goal to get down to 170-175lbs. This journey hasn't been easy but it will be worth it because I will be able to keep up with my little one as he grows up!

Since Susan's Blog usually contains some sort of do it yourself recipe or project I thought I would share the “recipe” for one of my favorite workouts in High School during Cross Country Season. This one is a tough one but I bet you will really love the results if you mix this workout into your routine once or twice a month.

Ron stadium-steps

I usually go to the local high school that has a public track and a large stadium because you will need steps and a track to complete this workout. Start out on the track warm up with a slow (about 60-70% pace) jog for 1 mile. Stretch and loosen up. Go to the start line and run a half of a mile at close to race pace after finishing your half mile immediately jog to the stairs on the stadium. Run up the stairs in the bleachers (please be careful and don't skip steps, hit em all!), walk across the steps to the next section, walk down the next flight. Walk over to the next section and run up them same as the first. Continue this until you have made your way across the entire length of bleachers. Then walk back to the track and repeat. I recommend for first timers to do 2 sets on the track/bleachers and then if you still have energy run some more on the track and then jog a mile or so to warm down. Stretch if you like afterward and make sure to get plenty of water. My normal on these workouts is usually 4 circuits so that I do 2 miles on the track and 4 cycles through the bleachers. By the 4th set my legs are pretty jello-ey coming down the steps so make sure to keep the handrail close. As far as pace goes on the steps I usually start off at a near sprint but by the 4th cycle it is more of a jog. This workout will blast your quads, your butt, and your calves. It will also prepare you for just about any hill you may face during a race and help to improve your breathing and endurance.

Thanks for reading today and thank you to Susan for the chance to have a little bit of self promotion.

So go on everyone and click on over to Ron’s Blog and tell Ron that Susan sent you!  Leave him a nice comment and give him new daddy advice.  Thanks Ron, for writing this post! 


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