Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Glory Days

Y’all thought this was a blog about my training for events.  Well that’s just how I lure you in.  The truth is, this a blog about how great my children are, but now you can’t leave because seriously, what kind of person are you if you say to yourself, “Self, I don’t want to hear about someone else’s damn kid.”  See, told you!  You’re stuck.  Open-mouthed smile Keep reading. 

Today was Nicholas’ awards assembly.  I remember my awards assemblies from elementary school like it were yesterday.   I’d sit in the bleachers waiting to hear my named called, hoping I’d be recognized for being the best speller, having the best hand writing or being the most athletic. As the awards started getting handed out I’d pray that I did the most sit ups or that some teacher thought I was special for some crazy reason.  I always received both academic and athletic awards.  I was GOOD at gym in elementary school.  Those were the glory days.  The point is, I loved the feeling of being awarded for all the hard work I put in all year.

Today I found myself again sitting nervously in the stands, this time waiting to hear what awards my son would receive.  Each 2nd grade class’ (there were seven) awards were read separately, alphabetically by teacher last name.  Nicholas is is Miss. Ybarra’s class.  Great! Ybarra and Tirch, you can imagine how long I had to nervously wait.  As the awards were announced I started to wonder what Nicholas would receive.  I pegged him for this award and that award and waited, not so patiently. 

Awards Assembly 2011 and Swimming 010

When Nicholas’ turn finally came he, of course, made me proud. 

Awards Assembly 2011 and Swimming 002Awards Assembly 2011 and Swimming 003

He received the Athletic Award for participating in run club, the Outstanding Performance in PE Award, The Excellence in Leadership Award and the All “A” honor roll award (as in he got all As all year!!!!). 

Awards Assembly 2011 and Swimming 007

Sure these awards REALLY don’t mean too much, but one day I hope he’ll remember sitting with anticipation, waiting and hoping for his moment to shine.  I hope he’ll remember how proud he was of himself that day (today) and remember it as the just the beginning of his glory days. 


Xlmic Tio said...

Holy guacamole! He is an amazing little achiever! So cool! I know mama is super proud :) Congrats to your little guy!

Gran said...

How proud that makes a child, parent, and grandparent! Very nice job Nicholas. Is a truly a special boy! xoxox G.

Victoria- The First Day said...

That is so sweet! Make sure you take pride in being a mom to such a great achiever!

Ronald Obringer said...

you should frame them...or at least wallpaper the fridge with them.

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