Friday, June 24, 2011

Let the Parties Begin

Today I decided that it was a good day to take a non scheduled rest day.  I’ve been going hard for 3 weeks straight and I just felt like every part of me (mind and body) was begging for an additional rest day.  All I had on the plan was BodyPump (one hour weight training) so I just skipped it.  I felt guilty for a second, but then I got over it. 

So, I spent most of the day helping my friend make favors for her daughter’s birthday party.  She made the mistake of asking me if I had an idea for a favor for the party.  Do I have an idea?  Ha!  You see, birthday parties are my thing and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to create fun parties.  I’m not the craftiest person or the most creative, but my kids always enjoy their parties. 

So here’s a flashback to August 2010 when I threw Ella a Jessie themed Toy Story party.  During the planning and execution of all the crafts for the party I still had the pins in my arm (and therefore was supposed to be in bed).  My AWESOME friend Jami made most of the crafts/favors I had created in my mind come to fruition.  She was truly a life saver and I think this was one of my best parties yet.



The cake

This AWESOME cake was made by my sister.  She makes my kids’ birthday cakes every year and she does it just for fun.  She’s not a professional, but she definitely should be!  I mean look at this thing!  LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!

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The Hats

I wanted each of the girls to have their own Jessie hat.  I found these red hats at Walmart.  Jami hole punched the brim of the hat and threaded yarn through as well as added the white ribbon around the middle.  The girls loved getting their own hat to wear at the party and they got to take them home as part of their favor. 

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The Flip Flops

Ella had been given flip flops like this at as a party favor in the past and I thought they’d be a cinch to make.  We found red bandana fabric, cow print fabric and an adorable yellow and white gingham.  The fabric had to be cut into 6 inch by 1 inch strips and then tied on to the flip flops.  I believe there were 10 girls in attendance.  That’s 20 flip flops.  Um let’s just say these almost ended mine and Jami’s friendship!  Winking smile   They’re flippin cute though!  Get it?  Flippin?  hahaha


flip flops

The Cookie Pops

This is actually what I spent the day making with my friend today.  Cookie pops are so easy.  You just make a sugar cookie adding the lollipop stick before you bake it.  Ice and wrap and it turns out sooooooooo cute.  It is, however, incredibly time consuming, but totally worth it.  The kids LOVED these. 

lolli cookieslolli cookie close

The Piñata

What kind of party is it without a piñata?  Damn you Disney for only making Buzz and Woody on your piñatas because now I had to make my own.  I cheated a little in the fact that I bought a premade cowboy hat piñata and then spray painted it red and added the same features as the girls’ Jessie hats.   It was pretty easy… especially since Jami did most of the work! 

pinata eetpinata eet2

The Game

Pin the tail on the donkey Bullseye.  This was easy (I think I actually did it).  I just cut tails out of brown craft foam and stuck double sided tape to the back.  We used the extra fabric from the flip flops for a blindfold and let the kids go for it.  It was a fun game for the kids and a few good laughs for the adults. 

ptb eetptb

I absolutely loved this party.  Loved the planning, the execution and the fun.  I can’t wait until birthday season begins.  Today just got me ready.  Let the parties begin! 



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I LOVE that birthday cake so much. ADORABLE.

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Yep the party was awesome - what up for this year? xoxoxo G.

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hello kitty! :D

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