Friday, June 17, 2011

Maudie’s Moonlight Margarita Run Race Recap

Yesterday was a crazy day.  I had registered myself and Nicholas for an evening 5K, which already made my schedule feel all out of whack.  Then when I came home from swim team at 2:30 in the afternoon to find that the brush behind my housing development was on fire, I was thrown for another loop.  The evacuated the street next to mine as a precaution and that left me feeling very uncertain— unsettled if you will.  I debated whether I should or shouldn’t go to the race.  How could I go if there was any chance my home would catch fire?
Shortly before 5:00 (the time I was to leave) the evacuation was lifted and the fire was mostly (80%) contained.  I felt much better that my house wasn’t going to burn down so I decided to head to the race. 
FYI the fire is STILL burning and almost 100% contained.  The chief of the fire department said that if the first responders had arrived just 5 to 10 minutes later the houses definitely would have gone up in flames.  I feel VERY lucky that no one lost their home to this fire. 
Back to the race… Julie signed herself and her son Jake up for Maudie’s Moonlight Margarita Run.  I had originally passed on the idea of running too since I’m doing a triathlon on Sunday.  Seeing how Nicholas had so much fun at the Flamingo 5k, he wanted to do another one ASAP.  Needless to say, we were registered for Maudie’s the day after Flamingo.  I thought it would be fun to run a “night” race (it started at 8:00 pm) and I figured I would just take it easy and have fun. 
We decided to meet Julie after she got off work downtown so she didn’t have to drive home and double back.  Well, that wasn’t a GREAT idea only because the restaurant was so slow.  We barely had time to digest our food before we arrived, just 30 minutes before the “gun”.  When we finally got to the race the place was packed and the packet pick up line was INSANE. 
It took us 20 minutes to get our race numbers and we headed straight to the start line.  There were over 1500 participants and the energy at this race was awesome.  I had never been to a 5k this big before.  It made me wish I was racing, but I really rather have a good triathlon Sunday so I decided having fun was more appropriate. 
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Nicholas felt a little intimidated by the sheer amount of people and told me he wanted to stay with Julie and I until he felt comfortable.  I told him that was fine, but no sooner did the gun go off and he left our side.  I was worried, but figured that he could just follow the crowd to the finish line where George was waiting. 
start wnt
We were about to the turn around when I saw him about 100 yards ahead.  I knew that meant he was going much slower than he had at the Flamingo race and, of course, I started to worry.  Once we hit the turn around and I talked to Nicholas, I realized that basically he was fine and going as fast as he could on this day. 
wnt turn around
We made a poor decision to eat a heavy meal right before the start of the race (everyone but myself ate breakfast including pancakes).  To be honest, I could probably eat a six course meal and it wouldn’t bother me, but Julie, Nicholas, and Jake (Julie’s son) all said they were affected by the food in their bellies.  I’m sure the heat didn’t help either.  It was 100 degrees when we arrived at the race, 98 when it started and 92 when I got in my car to leave.  There is no need to say, the heat was NOT kind. 
I felt badly for Julie because she didn’t seem to be having any fun the entire race.  I told her I would be by her side throughout the race to encourage and support her, and that’s what I did.  At times, I felt like she wanted to punch me in the face and tell me to shut up.  I would have wanted to punch me in the face too, but she didn’t and for that I thank her. 
Nicholas was bound and determined not to let Julie and I beat him so he kept a safe distance ahead.  I could see him the whole time and it had me beaming with pride.  I don’t think I would have ever have had the confidence, at 7 years old, to run a race essentially by myself.  I’m excited to see him catching the racing bug and look forward to many more races with ALL my kids.
Nicholas crossed the finish line in 34:43 red faced and sweaty, but not with a PR. 
finish wnt
Julie and I crossed shortly behind him holding hands raised in victory (not captured on film… GEORGE!). 
finish sdt3
We might not have set PRs but we were out there in 100 degree heat for no other reason than we wanted to run.  That makes me happy. 
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After the race Nicholas said, “All I know is I ran the hardest I could, but I didn’t get my best time, but that’s ok.  I had fun.”  Truer words have never been spoken.  It’s just funny how it takes a seven year old to remind us what’s important. 
Not ever race is run for a PR and even if you’re trying sometimes you don’t get it.  All that really matters is your house didn’t burn down today.


G. said...

Way to go Susan - you have another running buddy!!! xoxxo G.

Selfish Mommy said...

Sorry we missed each other! I was looking for you! It was definitely a tough run. I surely didn't PR, either. I am just glad I survived!

XLMIC said...

I hope the whole fire situation was handled... how scary!

So awesome that you have kids with the running bug... I cannot get mine to join in the fun :P

Have a great weekend!

Tri4Success said...

Keep the race fire (but not the brush fire) burning!

Jeannie Gilbert said...

Scary on the brush fire! Yikes! I love how your son is so e

Jeannie Gilbert said...

Oops! Hit post accidentally. Love how your son is enthusiast about running. Wish mine were . They are 10 & 7. Both have done a couple kids tris though.

Ronald Obringer said...

AWESOME! sounds like he has caught the running bug! Glad to hear the houses weren't endangered any longer!

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