Saturday, June 25, 2011

No Excuses

In six days my family and I will be making the 1398 mile trek from Texas to Pennsylvania. 

tx to pa

Luckily we’re flying!  haha I shouldn’t be laughing because this will probably be one of the last times we fly home.  It is so expensive for five people to fly and then rent a car when we get there etc. etc.  Who knows what the future holds, but 23 hours driving in a car sounds no beuno to me. 

While I’m away in Pittsburgh visiting friends and family I’m really worried about my marathon training suffering.  I’m usually pretty good about fitting in my workouts, but I know I’m going to find it pretty easy to make excuses as to why I can’t workout.  Once I fall off the wagon, it’s hard to get back on. 

So I’m here now to tell you… I WILL NOT SKIP MY WORKOUTS!  Especially since 4th of July festivities means lots of good food.   


Who am I kidding, the whole trip is pretty much going to mean eating all the foods I miss eating in Pittsburgh! 


Anyway, here is what my training plan looks like while I’m out of town. 

  • Saturday 2nd 2 miles (friendly frolic family fun run)
  • Sunday 3rd 10 miles
  • Monday 4th 65 minutes cross and strength
  • Tuesday 5th 4 miles
  • Wednesday 6th 35 cross and strength
  • Thursday 7th 5 miles
  • Friday 8th body pump
  • Saturday 9th sprint triathlon
  • Sunday 10th rest
  • Monday 11th 70 minutes cross and strength
  • Tuesday 12th 4 miles
  • Wednesday 13th 40 minutes cross and strength
  • Thursday 14th 6 miles
  • Friday 15th Body Pump
  • Saturday 16th 12 miles
  • Sunday 17th Rest

After the 9th of July we will be leaving Pittsburgh and heading to George’s parents.  They live in a small town in central Pennsylvania where there is basically NOTHING to do.  His parents don’t even have internet *gasp*.  So I know I’ll be looking for things to do while we are there and fitting in my workouts shouldn’t be a problem. 

I also have the cooler weather to look forward to AND a change in running scenery.  I’ve looked into reciprocating my membership at the YMCA and I know I’ll be able to do so while I’m at George’s parents.  I just need to check into the Pittsburgh YMCA.  I’m hoping all these things will help me get out there and just do it.  NO EXCUSES. 

What do you do to stay on track while you’re on vacation? I’d appreciate any advice y’all have! 


Kortni said...

We are leaving for PA on Friday and driving! We can't afford a rental car and tickets for six! Have a great trip, enjoy all the wonderfulness of PA, and keep running!

momswimbikerun said...

Where are you driving from? Texas? OMG I can't imagine having to drive 23
hours with 3 kids, but I know one day I'm going to have to. Best of luck on
your trip!

G. said...

Good Lord - oh well, can't wait to see you! oxoxoxoxo G.

tracey smith said...

Are you on a 6 day a week workout schedule? You are crazy!! (I say that in a good way). I think you are running more than me and my marathon is a lot closer than yours. You are making me feel like a slacker :) I can't wait to see you and if you need anyone to run with while you are here, you know I will jump at the chance in a heartbeat!

RunningMama said...

I find on vacation, getting a workout in first thing in the morning helps me stay on track. Especially if I can get up and get it done before everyone else gets up.. then I can still enjoy family breakfast time.

XLMIC said...

Wishing you the best with the training on vacation... it's tough for me to do :P I don't have much advice other than figure out which workouts are "key" workouts and make sure you hit those... and if you need to, let the others go. We went to France for 2 weeks right before my last race (it was only a 12K though, not a marathon). I was so worried... but I did great. Again, hope it goes well :)

Jharmon671 said...

Man! Only 2 rest days? You rock, Bit! If anyone can do it you can! One of the things I love about you is that when you set your mind to something you mean it!
I'll miss you!!

Tri4Success said...

What's a "vacation"?

Ronald Obringer said...

exercise for me when on vacation is difficult. When we were in Italy there just wasn't enough time for fit in workouts because of the schedule we were on. Lucky for us we walked EVERYWHERE so we got in alot of mileage, just no runs. I didn't feel like I lost that much over the week. If you can get up early and get your workouts in before the kids are out and about you will have it out of the way before your day really begins. Have a great time during the "homecoming"

Kortni said...

Yes, from Spring (near Houston)...four kids, 2.5 days, and lots of DVD's later we will be in PA!

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