Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some Mommies

I love Todd Parr books.  I wish I could say he sent me one all of his books to review and that’s why I’m talking about it, but Todd and I have never spoken.  Ha! 

The truth is I just really love his books.  From the moment I read my first Todd Parr book I was hooked.  They are great books to read to your children when they’re young and they continue to be great books for a beginning reader, which is exactly why they’ve been on my mind in the first place.

Ella is learning to read (mostly the all important sight words) and she’s loving all the Todd Parr books (just as Nicholas did).  One of our favorites is The Mommy Book. 

the mommy book

Amazon says: 

Although some mommies drive motorcycles, and others drive minivans; some mommies go fishing while others go shopping, all mommies want their children to be who they are. Each spread shows moms doing their thing: dancing moms opposite swimming moms, short-hair moms next to big-hair moms, and work-at-home moms across from work-in-big-buildings moms. The refrain is that all moms love their kids: "All mommies like to hang out with you!" "All mommies like to watch you sleep!"

I couldn’t help but think how my Mommy book would read if my kids wrote their very own Mommy book.  So I took a deep breath and I asked them.  What does your mommy do?  Here’s what they said. 

Some Mommies work on their blog (at least they didn’t say Facebook):


Some Mommies make the best food :

Christmas Cookies 2010 017

Some Mommies make crafts:

Backyard painting 031Backyard painting 028Backyard painting 033

Some Mommies do laundry:

laundry after

Some Mommies exercise:

sdt bike3

Some Mommies love us with hugs and kisses:

sdt jtt kissfinish eetfinish eet wnt jtt

Ok that wasn’t so bad.  They pretty much summed up exactly who I am.  I’m a blog-writing, food-making (and loving), crafty, exercising laundress who loves her kids with hugs and kisses.  I couldn’t have said it better myself. 

Todd Parr wrote The Daddy book too… watch out George.  Your first entry..  Some Daddies are stinky.  Ok ok they said he was a good snuggler too.   

What type of Mommy/Daddy would your kids say you are?  What kind of Mommy/Daddy do you hope to be? 


Jharmon671 said...

Sounds like a great book! Your's I mean... :)

Ronald Obringer said...

may have to add some of those to Noah's bookshelf! (which is currently in my garage awaiting its last coat of polyurethane!)

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