Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Something to Think About

I’ve been pondering again….

I like red meat.  Steak even!  Medium rare. 

I like crab legs with melted BUTTER.

I like ribs and brisket.


I like baked potatoes with sour cream and butter and cheese and bacon oh and green onion. 

I like fresh baked bread that is warm and melts butter.

I like salad with blue cheese. 

I like pizza, especially buffalo chicken pizza.

Typhoon Lagoon 002

I like buffalo chicken dip.

I like french onion dip, and spinach dip and anything that ends in dip.

I like chips.

I like tortillas.

I like guacamole.

I like queso. 

I like things that are deep fried and covered in powdered sugar.


I like oreos.

I like cookie dough.

I like peanut butter. 

I like chocolate (especially with peanut butter).

I like popcorn.

I like milkshakes.

I like corn dogs.


I like french fries. 

I like nachos.

I like soft pretzels.

I like eating all these things and more. 

I have cellulite on my thighs and I run slowly.  Do you think there is any correlation? 

Hmmmm something to think about. 

I did run 3 miles at a 9:34 pace today.  Maybe it was that grape I had with breakfast. 


Tonia said...

Freaking hilarious. I love most of those things too.

Tri4Success said...

Take 2 grapes and run again in the morning.

SkinnyandFabulous said...

3 miles slowly?? By whose standards. Most people cannot even run a mile let alone 3!
But I do agree with Tri4success....perhaps even 3 grapes will make you faster :)

momswimbikerun said...

no no that was my FAST pace... due to the grape! haha

tracey smith said...

You are making me hungry! Great run today!

Fancy Nancy said...

Oh my word! This cracked me up!!! A slow 3 miles is far better than no miles at all!!!

Laurel@ Ducks in a Row said...

At least you are running!

Ronald Obringer said...

hahaha and the susan tirch sense of humor continues to crack me up! I like the picture of you with the piece of pizza in your mouth...and jack looking on like ummm ok, i guess i'll just sit here while you eat!

G. said...

Hmmmm.............good thing you don't eat too much of that stuff and just do your pondering!!! xoxoxo G.

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