Monday, June 13, 2011

Wallie Exercises Book Review

If you’re like me then you’re always looking for ways to inspire your children to be healthy.  So when I was approached by Steve Ettinger, author of Wallie Exercises, to receive a copy of his book I quickly responded yes. 

I decided to let Nicholas read the book and “review” it here for us.  After all, who really cares what I think of the book, it’s what kids think of the book that matters. 

Wallie Exercises 001

Nicholas’ Review

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I liked Wallie Exercises because I liked Wallie.  I liked Wallie because he’s a dog and I like dogs.  He looks like a nice dog too.  I think I am like Wallie because sometimes I get lazy too. 

When Wallie first started to exercise it was hard for him.  Edwin was a nice Elephant that taught Wallie how to exercise.  At first, Wallie tried to copy Edwin.  Then Wallie realized he didn’t have to do the exercises Edwin was doing because it was too hard for him (Edwin does a cool trunk stand—my favorite part).  Really, everybody should do their own thing.  Once Wallie kept trying and did his own thing, he got the hang of it.  I think Wallie learned that exercise is really good for him and it’s fun too. 

I learned, from the book, that there are lots of ways to exercise.  I like to play hockey, baseball, football and ride my bike. I also learned that it is important to warm up for exercise.  You don’t want to be too hard on yourself.  You take it easy at first and keep going until it’s harder.  You don’t want to get injured doing something harder at first. The last thing I learned is you have to drink while you exercise.  I usually drink water or Gatorade. 

So there you have it.  Wallie Exercises is definitely relatable to a seven year old boy.  My children are exposed to exercising almost daily and so doing exercises is hardly anything new to Nicholas.  Even so, he still enjoyed the book. 

If you’re trying to inspire a child to get out there and do something, Wallie Exercises is definitely a good place to start.  The characters are relatable to children and likable. 

My take home message from the book was that exercising is not going to come easily, will take practice and is very individual.  Exercising means finding what’s right for you and you’ll have fun! 

There are some good questions in the back of the book to spark a conversation between you and your children, as well as some fun exercises to try. 

Wallie Exercises 007

Silly Shark Squats

Wallie Exercises 013

Nicholas’ “trunk” stand

So if you’re looking for a  book to inspire your kids, or want a book that will help you start talking about getting out there and exercising, be sure to check out Wallie Exercises.  You can purchase a copy of the book here

Thanks to Steve for sending me a copy of the book.  We definitely enjoyed it. 


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very cool dr. tirch!! you are coming up in the blogosphere! Good review Nicholas! I will have to pick up a copy of the book to read to my son when he is born;)

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