Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Week Ahead

Remember last week when I was so upset because I felt like my marathon training was all over the place?  This week was totally different. 

  Planned Actual
Monday Body Pump & Spin Body Pump & Spin
Tuesday 30 minutes Tempo 30 minutes Tempo
Wednesday Weights & Spin Weights & Spin
Thursday 4 miles 4 miles pace
Friday Body Pump Body Pump
Saturday Rest Rest
Sunday 7 miles 7 miles

I think I’ve finally found a routine that works for me and is going to continue to work for me.  I’d like to figure out a way to get some swimming in the mix, but at this point I’ll take it as is. Never mind that I’m doing a triathlon on Sunday… that’s not important.  FYI, I have swam once since my last triathlon almost 2 months ago. 


Anyway, today’s run was done with the lovely ladies Julie and Bianca. 

jkh bc

7 Mile “long” Run

  • Mile 1: 12:21
  • Mile 2:  13:06
  • Mile 3:  12:50
  • Mile 4:  13:06
  • Mile 5:  12:46
  • Mile 6:  13:10
  • Mile 7:  12:18

Total:  1:29:42

Average:  12:48

From the looks of things, you’d think we had it planned to run one faster mile and then one slow, but that wasn’t the case at all.  Julie was setting the pace for this run and I think this just kind of happened naturally.  Interesting!  You don’t think so?  Sorry! 

Regardless, this was a great run with GREAT company. 

jkh bc back

Here’s what lies ahead for the week. 

Day of the Week Planned Workout
Monday Body Pump & Spin
Tuesday Run 3
Wednesday Weights & Spin
Thursday 5K Race with Nicholas
Friday Body Pump
Saturday Rest
Sunday Sprint Triathlon

Maybe I will try to fit in a swim sometime this week too because this triathlon is nearly twice the swim distance (500 M) of the one I did in April (300 M) and that about killed me. 

sdt swim3


Ronald Obringer said...

Good Job!

Tri4Success said...

Way to stick to the plan! Keep it up!

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