Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What it Means to Me

When I first started writing this blog I had no idea what it would mean to me.  I had been a reader of blogs for almost two years.  I would read, all awhile taking in what I liked and what I didn’t from others’ blogs.  So, by the time I started writing my blog, I thought I knew EXACTLY what I wanted it to be.  The truth is, I had no idea what I was doing for the first post, or for a long time after that.  In fact, I probably still don’t.   One thing I do know for sure— I never expected my blog to become what it has. 

When I first started writing I would get excited if 12 people read my blog.  When I got my first comment.. shut up!  When I got a comment that wasn’t my mom… OMG.  When I got a comment from someone I didn’t even know… I felt like I hit the big time. 

So, imagine my surprise when I was nominated for the Circle of Moms Top 25 Health and Fitness Blogs.  At first I thought it was just some bogus contest as I had never heard of Circle of Moms.  Little did I know, Circle of Moms has 6 million subscribers.  My little old blog was going to be exposed to potentially 6 million subscribers. 

If you like me on Facebook,  or follow me on twitter, or if we’re friends on Dailymile, you know I was asking EVERYWHERE for votes for the Top 25.  The voting got so out of control and for a long time I just kept feeling like something so simple had become so complicated. 

I think the whole reason I got caught up in the voting was two-fold.  A) Because my husband is quite possibly the most competitive person in the world and he said I HAD to finish in the top 3 and B) Because I felt like if I hung with the “big dogs” it meant my blog was good enough. 

After some long and hard reflection and after reading Runninghood’s take on the whole thing here, I realized the contest really doesn’t mean a thing.  Sure, I love having the exposure for my blog, (Let’s face it, if I didn’t want people to read what I write, I’d just have a diary.) but winning, or placing in the top three, or the top 25, or the top 25,000 doesn’t really change anything.  It doesn’t mean that I write a better blog, or that I’m better than anyone else, or worse for that matter.  Hell, there are probably tons of better health and fitness mom blogs out there that didn’t even know about this silly contest. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m honored to have been a part of the contest, am thankful for the exposure it has already created, and excited about the new blogs I found along the way, but I will not let a contest define me.

I don’t write the best blog, the funniest blog, the most informative blog, or the top health and fitness mom blog.  I write MY blog-- a blog that is here day in and day out rambling on about motherhood, running, races and who knows what else.   I’m just glad you’re all here for the ride. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s 12 people or 12,000 people, I appreciate each and every one of you.  Even if you never leave a comment, never follow me, tweet me, or vote for me, I’m here.  I’m here trying to inspire, motivate, and create a few laughs.  It really is not that complicated and guess what… I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and gosh darn it people like me! 

I may not have known, when I first started writing this blog, what it would mean to me, but I know now. 

Thanks to everyone for putting up with me throughout the contest.  I appreciate everything—all the votes, tweets, status updates, etc.  You guys are the best! 


LB said...

I know what u mean! I got all caught up in that silly contest and now that it's over and I achieved my goal (being in the top 10)now I'm like "so what" and feel like I wasted a lot of time. I'm still honored to be on the list, but what does it really mean in the end? Glad they had it though, I found a lot of new blogs that I wouldn't have otherwise known about!

Gran said...

Hmmmm.........just another comment from your MOM - nice job! xoxox G.

Susan Tirch said...

I appreciate every comment you write, I honestly do, but you are my mom and you're required to love everything I do. LOL

XLMIC said...

This is a fabulous post... and I'm not just saying that. You rocked that contest :) It got me to come here and follow you! Yay! I look forward to checking you out on a regular basis :)

Victoria-the first day... said...

Great Blog! I love blog, and yes I found you through Circle of Mom's , but you are so right. We blog because we love it, and thanks for the reminder! I have your blog listed right on my page in my blog list, not because you are top 3, but because you are a great blogging MOM! Keep up the great work!

victoria.odle24 said...

I found your

amanda@runninghood said...

Hey girl! Great reflections here. I can tell it came from the heart and these are the best kinds of posts...the raw open ones that just express what not only you are feeling but most likely others too! You know, I've gone through mixed feelings about this first excitement, competitiveness, and then eventually embarrassment but now back to being okay with it. And you're right...I loved what you said about not letting it "define" you. So true. Yes, I'm sure lots of people were annoyed by it and so were we even. I'm sure many of my friends hid me on fb! Ha! But in the end, the purpose of it is that we want to grow our blog and our name will be on a list that will help us do that. Was it silly? yes. Did it define us? no? Are we the best out there? probably not but maybe so for different reasons. We are the ones who chose to play along and in the end we are going to do exactly what we had intended to do...get exposure for our blog and connect with new people. Anyway, I don't even know where I'm getting with this. I guess I should have just said "Great post! Loved it! I can relate"! ha ha. :)

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