Sunday, July 31, 2011

Will You Accept This Day?

Honestly today was perfect.  It started out with a 12 mile training run with Tim and Cooper.  Tim is currently training for the New York City Marathon so it was nice to have someone to train with since my current training partners are both out of town. 

Today’s run was the fastest long run I’ve done in awhile.  It felt sooooo good.  The weather was hot, but it didn’t really get me down.  I think I was LONG overdue for a GREAT long run.  Here’s the breakdown. 

12 Mile Run: 

  • Mile 1:  10:50
  • Mile 2:  10:38
  • Mile 3:  10:39
  • Mile 4:  10:55
  • Mile 5:  10:24
  • Mile 6:  10:38
  • Mile 7:  10:43
  • Mile 8:  10:43
  • Mile 9:   10:42
  • Mile 10:  10:26
  • Mile 11:  10:50
  • Mile 12:  11:07

Total:  2:09

Average:   10:43

Shortly after our run, we cleaned up and headed out for some much needed “fuel”.  We took Dedie and fam to Torchy’s Tacos, which as you probably know by now, is one of my favorite spots in Austin. 

torchys all

Next up was the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum. 

star tirches star irons2

Perhaps it wasn’t the best place for a 3 and 5 year old, so I went through the museum pretty quickly with Ella and Jack.   Everyone else hung back and enjoyed the museum more fully.  Even so, it was worth the trip and I think everyone had a good time. 

story of texas gpt and kids

gpt kids Bob Bullock Bess Bistro 008Bob Bullock Bess Bistro 010Bob Bullock Bess Bistro 009

Our day ended with an adult only evening at Sandra Bullock’s restaurant Bess Bistro. 

bess bistro irons2bess bistro tirch

I didn’t have high hopes for the dinner because these type of establishments tend to disappoint, but it was the exact opposite.  The dinner was perfect from start to finish.  The food was fabulous and the service was exemplary. 

bess bistro irons3bess bistro sdt gpt

bess bistro all

Ok, ok the night didn’t end there.  We might (as in maybe or maybe not) have stalked Brad Womak’s (from season 15 of The Bachelor) bars in downtown Austin.  I can neither confirm not deny if this actually happened. 

Bob Bullock Bess Bistro 027Bob Bullock Bess Bistro 029Bob Bullock Bess Bistro 030Bob Bullock Bess Bistro 032

I may not have gotten to accept his rose, but I did get to accept this exceptional day! 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

In My Humble Opinion

The Salt Lick Irons 018

Hooray we have visitors!  My friend Dedie and her family (husband Tim and son Cooper) are here. 

The Salt Lick Irons 001

Side bar:  You might remember Cooper’s Cars 2 movie review guest post he wrote during our July vacation.  Don’t remember?  Shame on you!  Check out Cooper’s blog, The Morning After the Movies, for all your movie review needs.  He’s a very talented writer and if you’re looking for an honest movie review by a REAL person (like you and I), this is the place to go.  He writes the best movie review blog out there, in my humble opinion. 

As you can see it didn’t take us long before we headed out for some authentic Texas barbeque at The Salt Lick.  We anticipated a long wait on a Saturday night, but arriving early (5:30) meant we were seated right away. 

The Salt Lick Irons 002

The Salt Lick Irons 007The Salt Lick Irons 003

You haven’t had BBQ the right way until you’ve eaten at The Salt Lick.  Their sauce is so unique and the wood/pecan combination that they use to fire the meat gives it intense flavor.  These are the best ribs hands down, in my humble opinion, but I’m from Pittsburgh so I know pierogies and kielbasa.  Nevertheless, The Salt Lick has the best BBQ I’ve had in my life.  What do you think Dedie? 

The Salt Lick Irons 005

Since we didn’t get to wait (how rude of them to seat us right away) we sat outside afterwards enjoying the live music and sipping our wine.  You see, the atmosphere at The Salt Lick is almost as good as the food. 

The waiting area is nestled under large live oaks lined with twinkle lights.  You can choose to sit on the limestone wall or one of the old full of character wooden picnic tables while listening to the music.  The band tonight was “colorful” and did a lot of Johnny Cash covers.  It was the perfect accompaniment to my pinot grigio. 

The Salt Lick Irons 012The Salt Lick Irons 013The Salt Lick Irons 022The Salt Lick Irons 024

The Salt Lick Irons 026

Beyond the food and the atmosphere is always the people you are with and, in my humble opinion, I keep pretty good company! 

The Salt Lick Irons 014

Friday, July 29, 2011

Black and White and Hung All Over

Waaaay back in April I posted about making a black and white picture collage.  I wanted to create a collage of pictures that capture simple moments in my children’s lives.  I wanted it to be something I could walk by every day, and it would make me smile.  Well, three months later I FINALLY made it happen. 

I turned most of these…



gpt jtteet gpt






kids outside front door (2)

Into this: 

Black and White Collage 001Black and White Collage 013Black and White Collage 014Black and White Collage 009Black and White Collage 015Black and White Collage 016

The whole thing (frames and all) cost me $23.  I got the black frames on Black Friday-- all of them were $10 and it cost me $13 to have the photos printed.  The “TIRCH” above all the photos was a gift from my mom.  I think it cost $25 to $30 which I thought was a steal for something so cute. 

I love this wall and I hope walking by it every day will remind me how precious my little ones are and how time goes by too quickly to sweat the small stuff.  My kids will only be little once and I need to remember to cherish every single moment.  It’s pretty simple really.  In fact, it’s black an white! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

No Other Way

I was reading a post over on my friend Ron’s blog, which contained a inspirational video about a boy born with Cerebral Palsy and his challenges in life and in running.  You’ll have to click over to Ron’s blog to watch the video (trust me it’s worth it). 

One of the things from the video that struck me was the interviewer’s question at the end of the video.  He said, “What has running given you that you wouldn’t have gotten any other way?” and well, you know me… it got me thinking. 

Running (and nothing else) has given me:

The confidence in knowing that with hard work and dedication ANYTHING is possible. 

sdt surgeryKidney Stone Removal 018sdt finish


I never in my wildest dreams thought that I could overcome a fractured shoulder, wrist, AND kidney stones and still run my marathon.  I’ve done a lot of challenging things in my life (Pharmacy School, pregnancy), but crossing the finish line at The Livestrong Austin Marathon was one of my proudest moments.  Not just because I ran 26.2 miles, but because I had gone through so much to get there.  I could have easily given up and had plenty of excuses to do so, but I taught myself a valuable lesson by keeping on running.  I am STRONG and dedicated and that makes me proud. 

The knowledge that wearing knee socks while running is NOT a good idea:


Every once in awhile you just have to take on for the team.  That team was the 6 time super bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers (I just like saying that) and I wore these socks with pride for 20 miles.  My feet didn’t thank me later, but in all honesty I think it was my shoes NOT the socks.  Nevertheless, I will NOT be taking this chance again. 

The ability to clear your head,  open your eyes and soak in the awesomeness around you:


Sometimes on a run I’ll get into a really good place in my head.  I’ll feel like I can just run and run (think: Forrest Gump).  When I’m not focusing on suffering through a run, my mind clears and I’m able to focus on what REALLY matters.  It’s funny how running can do that for a person, but it’s true.  Nothing opens up my mind like a GOOD run. 

This muscle: sdt muscle 

I love finding new muscles.  Ha!  What can I say?  I’ve never had them before and that one in my quad is from nothing other than running!  Don’t even tell me it’s a shadow or the picture angle.  It’s a muscle!  It’s my story, let me tell it. 

Inspiration for my children: 

run wntwnt5after sdt wnt2

I know that if I hadn’t started running and getting active, that my children wouldn’t have an interest in the same things.  It feels good to know I’m leading my children by example.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a BIG fan of “do as I say not as I do” but that can only get you so far. 

Running for me used to be synonymous with the word hate.  I never thought I’d be a runner let alone enjoy it.  Running definitely has the ability to give you things like nothing else.  Sure there are days when I hate it, but most days it lifts me up emotionally and physically. 

What has running given to you that nothing else has or if you’re not a runner, what is it for you that is like nothing else?