Monday, July 18, 2011

Day One Fit Challenge

Today Operation It’s That Simple started.  In case you’re too lazy to click the link, basically I went on a “diet”.  I don’t like to call it a diet because A) that’s a four letter word that I don’t like to use and B) a diet suggests that I am restricting myself to lose weight. 

Although that is partly true, I simply see what I’m doing as making a conscious decision to put better food in my body.  I’m convinced that better food is better fuel and I want to see how it can affect my running/cycling/triathlon performance. 

It’s also true that I would love to lose weight in the process.  I feel so much better about myself when I’m thinner, (who doesn’t?) but my primary focus is to fuel my body better and see how it affects my moods, energy level and “athletic” performance. 

Pittsburgh half marathon 2010

Me at my lowest weight since having kids, running the Pittsburgh Half Marathon

In order to motivate myself to keep on track, Julie and I decided to make a little game of things.  I’ve named it the Fit Challenge.  She and I have entered into a 10 week “contest” to see who can lose the highest percentage of weight. 

We both weighed in today and will do so every two weeks.  The winner at each two week mark will receive a $10 gift card of their choice and at the end of 10 weeks the winner will receive a $50 gift card. 


Since things took a serious turn today with the contest and all, Winking smile I figured I better find a way to track all my calories in and calories out.  Julie told me about a site called  I signed up today and it’s really easy and user friendly.  You can track all the calories you’ve consumed by adding foods from their database (you can also add foods of your own).  You can also track your exercise to help balance your caloric intake versus output. 

fitness pal

If you’re interested in following my daily progress at Fitness Pals you can access my online food diary here.  I’ve made my diary public so anyone can look, but I’d love for you all to sign up to Fitness Pals and be my “friend”.  So be sure to hit me up if you do.  My username is MomSwimBikeRun. 

So here it is.. My before pic in all my non make-up, let my hair dry naturally glory. 

before fit challenge

See you again in two weeks.  Hey Julie, I’ll take my gift card from TJ Maxx!  Winking smile


amy_niklaus said...

Good luck!!! I'm off to eat some banana nut bread! Hahahahahaha

tracey smith said...

It is nice that you and Julie are motivating each other. I am on too, but haven't logged in since February. You are motivating me to do that too.

Every time I start to train for a race, I have it set in my mind that I am going to eat really well and it lasts about a week until I get it in my mind that I am running a lot, so I can eat a lot. I know it is bad and now you have pushed me to start eating better. I have 10 weeks or so until my marathon. I am going to see what I can do. Thanks!!!!!

Trish Obringer said...

I've lost 16 pounds using my fitness pal to track calories and by exercising more. I love that site! I haven't logged in too much lately because I have a general idea most days what I can and cannot eat now. Good luck Susan!

Unknown said...

Your so stinkin cute in that picture! I may end up getting u a $10 gc to TJ but I'm shooting for the $50 and that will be to ....? I gotta think about it.
I would like a new Kate Spade! Ha!

acspartan said...

i'm on myfitnesspal too - love the website and use it daily!

Ronald Obringer said...

diet is a terrible word when its used to describe the crash weight loss programs, but really your diet is what goes in thine mouth hole. So consider what you are doing a life change, after a few days you won't miss the chips, i readily grab fruit now instead of chips for a snack since changing my "diet". also...try fiber one bars or the special k ones, they are very filling. they are chock with fiber, some have chocolate..and they are all under 150 calories (or get the 90 dalorie ones...but they aren't as filling). use skim milk instead of 1% or 2%. have a filling breakfast everyday...I like an egg on a bagel thin, along with a bowl of fiber one honey cluster cereal and skim milk. GOOD LUCK!

Tyly @ One Mile at a Time said...

LOVE MFP website and app. I also mentioned it a while ago on my blog. I edited my nutrients to match a 40/30/30 ratio for carbs/fats/protein. All the books and sites I've been reading suggest that a woman will have the most success using that ratio, so I customized my MFP profile to match that. At first I was using their generic ratio, and I was always over protein and under carbs but now that I've changed it, I have to up my protein and lower my carbs a bit. I'm a total carb queen!!!

momswimbikerun said...

Tyly, how do I switch it. I've been on the site and I guess I'm just to
plain dumb to figure it out! ugh! Thanks for the info. I'm going to
follow your advice.

momswimbikerun said...

ok I actually figured it out. thanks for the tip b/c I felt the carbs were
too high. I'm a carbaholic too!

lis said...

Is it bad I stopped reading to go make a pb&j?

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