Monday, July 25, 2011

Fit Challenge Week One

You might recall last Monday started the first day of the Fit Challenge.  Basically I’m trying my best to properly fuel my body and hopefully lose some unwanted pounds.  So yeah, I just want to look better in my trisuit.  Winking smile 

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Anyway, I thought I’d talk a little bit about how I felt last week. 

In order to safely lose 1.5 pounds a week (which is the deemed “appropriate” weight loss) I am allotted 1200 calories per day.  I’m also allowed to “eat back” any calories I lost due to exercise.  

I don’t really talk much on the blog about what I eat, but you’d probably be surprised to know what a junk food junkie I am.  I love carbs and t wouldn’t be unreasonable to say days could go by where I wouldn’t eat a single fruit or vegetable.   I roughly calculated and I’m pretty certain my body is used to eating about 3000 calories a day. 

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So cutting those calories in half left me feeling… well… feeling like crap.  I was irritable, hungry and downright mean.  There were actually times that I felt like I wanted to cry because I had left my house unprepared and wound up hungry with no healthy options in sight. 

I kept telling myself that if I got through the first week I would feel so much better.  I felt like my body was going through detox and I really don’t think it’s an unrealistic analogy.  I wish I was the type of person who could eat “normally”, but I realize I’m kind of an all or nothing person.  If I’m on the junk food train I’m doing it full force.  So even though I don’t like to restrict anything from my diet, I’m eating as clean as possible during the week and avoiding my drug of choice—low quality foods (think pizza, fries, etc). 

To keep myself sane I’m allowing myself to “cheat” on the weekends.  I find that I stay on track better all week if I know I’ll be able to indulge a little on the weekends.  I’ll pass up a cookie on Tuesday knowing I don’t have to say no forever, but just say no for a few more days.  When those cheat days do come around I’m apt to eat less of those indulgent foods because I don’t want to ruin all my hard work.  It works for me.  The key here is for meI am in no way intending to give anyone dieting advice.  I’m just a girl trying to slowly lose some unwanted pounds in hopes of becoming a faster runner (and look better in a bathing suit). 

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My intention with this post is just to say, I get it!  Eating a clean and healthy diet every day is hard.  I much rather bathe in buffalo chicken dip, it’s true!  I also realize that I can’t sit around all day every day complaining about the things that make me unhappy (think: running slowing in a trisuit) without doing anything about it. 

This week has already been A LOT easier.  Grabbing a peach feels better than grabbing something that doesn’t give me any nutritional value.  I’m on my way.  Bring it on Week Two.  Weigh in on Friday! 


Tyly @ One Mile at a Time said...

Sounds like you are on the right path! It is definitely hard at first, but it will start to become second nature. Like you, I am a carb queen and to top that off I also have a massive sweet tooth. I could literally eat ice cream, cookies and cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also go days with no fruits or veggies which is why the site has really helped me out so much. I'm cheering you on!!!

Jeannie Gilbert said...

I am so with you and understand where you are coming from. My goals are pretty similar. To be able to lose a bit of extra fat I piled on over the winter to reduce my run times and increase my speed and stamina for soccer. Nutrition is key for me too. I don't believe in deprivation either but I definitely have difficulties controlling myself with certain foods. Most of my weight gain was from stress eating. And the feeling like I needed to constantly be knawing on something. I have been unmotivated to actually do any tris this year or many races period because I feel flabby in my tri gear, plus haven't gotten my butt back on the pool either. I am looking at training for a possible 50k in late September or October but I need to kick this extra weight for good!

G. said...

Sounds like a reasonable plan that you can follow. xoxoxo G.

Juliette Harmon said...

Well, I guess I haven't learned anything because I still think it sucks! BTW I always grab a nectarine anyway so can I grab and Oreo instead?

Tri4Success said...

You're on the right track here. It'll get easier. Congrats on fighting through week 1!

Ronald Obringer said...

I was going to suggest you give yourself 1 extra days worth of calories to spread over your week. But your weekend eats would make up for that. Basically you would be doing something similar to what I do with weightwatchers for men. You get an extra 1200-1500 calories as bonus points so to speak. You can either spread those out over the week...about 200 extra calories a day, OR you could just use them all in one meal each week. I am of the mindset to save as many points as I can so that i can have one huge calorie rich meal late in the week. Honestly though...the first few weeks of eating healthier for me were very very difficult...but now its second nature. If i go to a party and the chips and the fruit tray are on the same table I am apt to fill my plate with fruit now and grab a water instead of the mt. dew. GOOD LUCK TIRCH!

lis said...

Thats how my trainer did it...healthy all week...sat forget it :)

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