Saturday, July 30, 2011

In My Humble Opinion

The Salt Lick Irons 018

Hooray we have visitors!  My friend Dedie and her family (husband Tim and son Cooper) are here. 

The Salt Lick Irons 001

Side bar:  You might remember Cooper’s Cars 2 movie review guest post he wrote during our July vacation.  Don’t remember?  Shame on you!  Check out Cooper’s blog, The Morning After the Movies, for all your movie review needs.  He’s a very talented writer and if you’re looking for an honest movie review by a REAL person (like you and I), this is the place to go.  He writes the best movie review blog out there, in my humble opinion. 

As you can see it didn’t take us long before we headed out for some authentic Texas barbeque at The Salt Lick.  We anticipated a long wait on a Saturday night, but arriving early (5:30) meant we were seated right away. 

The Salt Lick Irons 002

The Salt Lick Irons 007The Salt Lick Irons 003

You haven’t had BBQ the right way until you’ve eaten at The Salt Lick.  Their sauce is so unique and the wood/pecan combination that they use to fire the meat gives it intense flavor.  These are the best ribs hands down, in my humble opinion, but I’m from Pittsburgh so I know pierogies and kielbasa.  Nevertheless, The Salt Lick has the best BBQ I’ve had in my life.  What do you think Dedie? 

The Salt Lick Irons 005

Since we didn’t get to wait (how rude of them to seat us right away) we sat outside afterwards enjoying the live music and sipping our wine.  You see, the atmosphere at The Salt Lick is almost as good as the food. 

The waiting area is nestled under large live oaks lined with twinkle lights.  You can choose to sit on the limestone wall or one of the old full of character wooden picnic tables while listening to the music.  The band tonight was “colorful” and did a lot of Johnny Cash covers.  It was the perfect accompaniment to my pinot grigio. 

The Salt Lick Irons 012The Salt Lick Irons 013The Salt Lick Irons 022The Salt Lick Irons 024

The Salt Lick Irons 026

Beyond the food and the atmosphere is always the people you are with and, in my humble opinion, I keep pretty good company! 

The Salt Lick Irons 014


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How wonderful they came for a visit! Love the Saltlick!!!!

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