Wednesday, July 27, 2011


With little over a month until my birthday I’ve already been eyeing a few things to ask for.  Basically, there is only one person to ask, so I guess you could say this list is for George.  Still, I thought it would be fun to show you three things I’ve been lusting after. 

Fossil Black Ceramic Watch

Fossil Black Ceramic Crystals Analog Multifunction Ladies Watch CE1011

I have the white ceramic watch and I really love it, but sometimes I’d like to switch it up and I think this would make a great addition to my jewelry wardrobe.  Plus, it’s not too too expensive so when the trend of ceramic watches ends I won’t feel too badly ditching it. 

Dyson Slim Multi-floor Vacuum Cleaner:

With three kids I’m constantly sweeping the floor (either that or ignoring the mess).  I need a small vacuum that I can use to quickly clean the floors that actually has some suction.  I have a dust buster type Dyson, but it kills my back.  Sad smile 

Nike Free Run+ 2 (NOT for running, just for looking cute):

I’ve wanted a pair of all pink shoes for a long time.  I LOVE these shoes.  I wouldn’t wear them to run, but I would wear them to cross train and look cute! 

The thing about this list is there is nothing on it that I’d probably ever buy for myself.  They’re all fairly pricey for indulgence items.  I don’t NEED any of them, but I really want all three. 

A girl can dream right?  Hey you only turn 37 once.  On August 31st.  Giving you just over a month to plan.  *cough cough* George *cough cough*


Tyly @ One Mile at a Time said...

Great items! LOVE the black watch.

My Free Run 2+ are for cross training and looking cute as well, and they're super comfy. I love them!

I would LOVE that vacuum. My furkids leave fur EVERYWHERE!

G. said...

Knowing you, you'll prolly get all of them! However, you have had a FEW expenses lately - hahahahah xoxoxo G.

PB1001 said...

I tried that vacuum out at Costco and almost had an impulse is it that cleaning produts are at the top of our wishlists?

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