Sunday, July 17, 2011

It’s That Simple

Everyone meet Jennifer. 

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July 2010

Jennifer is my best friend from Pharmacy school.  I have known her for 15 years.  During those years, we have gone through so many things together.   Happy times, REALLY funny times, sad times and, of course,  many times spent discussing being unhappy with our weight/figure. 

She, like I, went through fad diets with bouts of exercising followed by the inevitable fall from the wagon.  All it ever brought the two of us was MORE weight on the scale.  I remember Jen telling me several years back that she has never lost weight.  Like ever!  No matter what she did she always just wound up gaining a pound or two each year.  I laugh now thinking about it, but it’s kind of crazy.  The things we try and do to lose weight, yet the scale doesn’t budge… and why? 

We all make excuses about why we can’t lose weight.  “I’m really not eating that much” or “I have a slow metabolism”.  Truth be told, the basics of weight loss or weight gain are simple.  It’s calories in versus calories out.  It’s not rocket science, it’s that simple. 

In order to gain weight you have to be consuming more calories than you are burning.  Conversely, in order to lose weight you need to burn more than you consume.  Calories = Pounds.  NOTHING else (ok ok maybe water weight, but you aren’t carrying around 20 pounds of excess water and neither am I). 

I knew that Jennifer had been on a “diet” since the beginning of January, and I’ll be 100% honest, I didn’t know how well it would go.  I mean look at our track records with the scale not budging.  I should never have doubted!  Sorry Jen!  Jennifer made simple changes to her diet and SHE COSUMED LESS CALORIES.  Guess what folks?  Jennifer lost weight!  22 pounds to date! 

June 2011

There was no fad, there were no pills, there was simple a reduction in calories and subsequent weight loss.   Jennifer found success by making normal healthy eating choices.  She ate a diet high in protein, low in carbs while consuming hefty amounts of fruits and vegetables.  Eventually she decided to cut out all dairy, bread and sugar, but this was her own personal choice for personal reasons.  

I was so taken back by Jennifer’s success.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I think she can’t do anything she puts her mind to, it’s just that she and I have a similar love of delicious food.  How could she cut all of the delicious items out of her diet completely? 

Jennifer explained that cutting out sugar and high fat/low quality foods was actually easy.  Say what?  She said once she stopped she never really craved them again.  She even quit chocolate cold turkey *gasp*.  This isn’t the first time I had heard this story either.  I’ve heard from other healthy living bloggers and friends that once you quit those low quality items you just really don’t want them any more. 

Jennifer explained that in 6 months there has been an occasional trip to Dairy Queen or a night that involved a couple of beers, but she never allowed one bad decision to derail her. 

By the way, Jennifer found this success without any vigorous exercise.  She walks her dogs daily and she does housework and gardening, but she’s not sweating it out at the gym. 

I’m so proud of Jennifer and her weight loss success.  I’m proud of her hard work and her dedication because, despite it’s simplicity, losing weight is HARD.   I love you Jen and I wish you continued success.  Thank you for being an inspiration to me. 

As for me?  Well, Jennifer sparked something in me.  She made me realize all of the things I’ve forgotten about a healthy diet and weight loss success.   It’s Simple, I’ve been consuming far more calories than I’ve been burning.  It doesn’t matter that I work out 5 to 6 days a week.  It doesn’t matter that I’m training for a marathon.   Unless my clothes are shrinking in the dryer, then I’m gaining weight. 

I want a life where I’m not constantly craving foods that aren’t healthy for me.  I want to quit the sugar, the over consumption of carbs and I want to quit the diet coke!  My name is Susan Tirch and I am a diet coke addict.  Tomorrow that ends. 

I’m not into restricting any food from my diet, it just doesn’t work for me.  When someone tells me I can’t have something I just want it that much more, but I am “buckling down”.   I’m plan on eating a diet high in protein, low in carbs, SEVERELY limiting processed foods, and filling my body with good fuel. 

Tomorrow my journey of EAT LESS CALORIES begins.  It’s THAT simple! 


Tim Diersing said...

Great job Jen! This Bierslinger admires you as well.

Amanda Schaefers said...

YAY! I love this post! It *is* so simple! And congrats to your pal Jen! She looks great!

G. said...

Good for Jen and good for you. I just can't do it anymore! xoxoxo G.

David Corbin said...

Inspiring! Maybe if I do the same thing, they won't roast ME for Thanksgiving!

amy_niklaus said...

Jen looks fabulous!!!! (and you always do). Good luck on the diet. I will write a blog about you when I come out in November. ; )

Ronald Obringer said...

impressive jennifer!! way to go! WAIT did i read that correctly? you are quitting diet coke?!! BLASPHEMY!! In all seriousness though, since I have cut out the diet and regular sodas from my diet, I am less likely to get hunger cravings, i have almost zero heartburn, and without all those bubbles...i am less gassy...go figure!

lis said...

I love my bodybugg.

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