Monday, July 11, 2011

I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

I’ve fallen off the wagon.  I’m now being dragged behind the cart and, at this point, I’m not even trying to climb back up.  I am thinking about it though.  What wagon you ask?  The workout wagon.  It’s a fun place to be, but once you’ve fallen off it’s hard to work your way back on.  It’s especially hard when I have all kinds of distractions. 

Run or water ski?

4th of July weekend 2011 7244th of July weekend 2011 729sdt ski

Lift weights or hang out with friends and family?

Lake Latonka Friendly Frolic and 4th of July 002Lake Latonka Friendly Frolic and 4th of July 009Lake Latonka Friendly Frolic and 4th of July 018Lake Latonka Friendly Frolic and 4th of July 020Lake Latonka Friendly Frolic and 4th of July 025Lake Latonka Friendly Frolic and 4th of July 021

Lake Latonka Friendly Frolic and 4th of July 015

Spinning or Pirate game?

Sweat or 4 wheeler?

Go for a walk or ride the jet ski? 

Run some more or fish?

4th of July weekend 2011 815

Are you understanding my dilemma?  Can you blame me?  I had such high expectations for myself while I am on vacation, but I’ve only managed a handful of workouts.  Help me friends!  I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! 


amy_niklaus said...

You deserve some time off!!! Anyway, you forgot to mention you did a sprint-tri while on vacation. You can go back to serious training when you're back in Tex-assss! Hahahahahaha.

Maria said...

Oh, Honey! I am SOOOO far off that same damn wagon! I'm not even close to getting back up. Sorta makes me wanna cry. :(
For what it's worth, I think you've done great for vaca!

G. said...

The wagon will be back around - don't worry about it. Hop on the wagon that you are usually on back in Texas. That will be soon enough! Enjoy your VACA. xoxo G.

Juliette Harmon said...

I agree with Amy. Stop worrying about it! BTW Amy, its pronounced Tex- ussss! :):):)

Tracey said...

Everyone is right. You are on vacation having fun. It's not like you haven't been active! Enjoy and relax!

Tri4Success said...

Enjoy your vacation. Nothing wrong with that. If you're really worried about being off the wagon then just squeeze in a 30min run before breakfast. The whole day will still be available for fun.

Beccarawson said...

Vacation is a great opportunity to let that wagon go for a few loops w/o you!! I'm trying to jump back on, too. It's hard, life just keeps getting in the way!

Renee Crider said...

After reading your post from today I'd say that you are taking a well deserved breather, not falling off the wagon!!

Ronald Obringer said...

water skiing is a great core workout...hanging with family and friends works out your funny bones, and jet skiing...well thats just awesome. keep up the great work. your workouts will be there when you get back...patiently waiting for you to take them for a spin.

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