Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pflugerville Triathlon Race Photos

Since not much is happening to me these days, (Read: all I do is eat, sleep and… well you know) I figured I’d share the race photos from the Pflugerville Triathlon.   (All of these photos are the property of Kreutz Photography.)  If you don’t recall, this was a painfully windy day that wreaked havoc on all aspects of each event.  My face shows all the pain I was in.

The Swim:  

Yay me there are at least two people behind me and one of them, a male, started BEFORE me.  Never mind that girl with the white swim cap behind me.  White swim caps DEFINITELY started before me.  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.  (I honestly don’t recall.. I seriously hope they started before). 


I think I’ll take off my swim cap and goggles so I don’t look like such an idiot in all my race photos. 


Never mind, I’m too tired.  As a matter of a fact, I won’t even smile.  Breathing.  Breathing would good here. 


The Bike:

There were four photos of me on the bike and they all looked EXACTLY like this.  Um yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m saying eff you hills and wind. OMG the wind!  I’ll say it again,  EFF YOU! 


The Run:

Are my feet moving?  Seriously, do I have to finish this thing in 1400 mile an hour wind?  I think I can, I think I can.  Note to self:  Your tan looks AAAAAAWE-SOME! 


Whose idea was this, ‘cause I’m just plain pissed off right now.


Announcer Guy:  What’s your name

Me:  Susan

Announcer Guy:  Susan What?

Me:  Are you @#$% serious?  Tirch

Announcer Guy:  Susan Tirch about to cross the finish line…

Somehow it just didn’t have the same effect when I had to tell them who I was.  Seriously, someone needs to get it together.


Haha I see the finish line and there is PIZZA!  Note to self:  Nice tan in previous photo was due to lighting.  @%#@%


The one good thing about finishing after all your friends is that there are plenty of familiar faces there to cheer you through the shoot.  Thank God it’s over. 


P.S.  Does this outfit make my butt look like a sausage?  I thought so! 


That’s all folks.  Good night! 


Ronald Obringer said...

at least you still have your sense of humor :)

G. said...

If you can't laugh at yourself, what do you have? Nice job! xoxoxo G.

amy_niklaus said...

LOL - too funny. Good pics though!!!

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