Monday, July 4, 2011

Sexy Guest Blogger

If you’re an avid follower of Susan’s blog you know its stem is fitness with offshoots of food, children, and an occasional courtesy mention of her husband Greg, errr George. I’ll stick with the former and give you an exclusive look into my budding association with being less fat via road cycling.

Somehow guest blogging seems much sexier than producing a systemic series of posts. At least that’s what I’m telling myself as I propel to blogosphere rock star status. There is that off chance that maybe I’ll be a one hit wonder and fall into the same realm as Sinead O’Connor, Biz Markie, and whoever sang Rock Me Amadeus.

Let me start by saying I have had no feeling in left pinky for about 45 days now, minor tingling in my right ring finger, and virtually no movement in my right pinky outside of being able to flex it. This is challenging during my insatiable desire to give the bird to the herds of bungling motorists.. By bungling motorists I am referring to:

1: Street legal dune buggy guy


2: Fat smoker in the ’87 two-tone Tahoe

3: 2011 Toyota Elantra lady who won’t pass me on a straightaway as I zip along at 14.3 MPH (with no oncoming traffic)

When I’m not carrying over my vehicular road rage tendencies into my cycling life, I tend to think a lot. Primarily I wonder how much longer I need to ride until I can rightfully purchase one of those aerodynamic cycling helmets that stretches no fewer than three feet behind your seat creating an allure of speed and fitness.


Then I’ll wonder how on earth possums are not extinct as I see a possum carcass about once every four feet or so. Poor things, I think they march to my bike routes to die.
Other random thoughts and actions as I ride:
  • Finding myself hard swearing a headwind in a way that would have made Sam Kinison proud.
  • Do you think I could market a drink that really replenishes and refuels? I’d produce it, bottle it, and sell it. I’d call it sweat. This chain is absolutely going to come off and I’m going to have to fix it, just like when I was a kid (good thing this bike doesn’t have a chain guard).
  • Absolutely calling the mayor’s action center when I get back, this road is a mess.
  • The number of little wooden bridges crossing the drainage culvert to access the mailbox is astonishing. Why not move 3 feet to the left and use the driveway?
Follow me on the Daily Mile, you’ll beat mainstream America to the punch!

I started my pursuit of being less fat via cycling with inspiration from Susan and a desire to enter Pelotonia. Pelotonia is an extraordinary cycling event that raises money for cancer research. My employer is a major sponsor of Pelotonia which takes place in Columbus OH on August 20th. The Indiana Peloton (pack of riders) needed help and I jumped at the opportunity to support the cause. If you’d like to donate to my ride, I’d be forever grateful. You can do so by clicking this link: . Right now, my page reads that I’ll be riding the 23 mile route but I have decided to ride 45 miles with a fundraising goal of $1275.

If you or someone you know has an interest in riding in this event (23, 45, 100, and 180 mile routes) let me know. My employer will contribute $600 toward your fundraising goal! Simply let me know and we can traverse the streets of the Columbus metro area together with the street legal dune buggies!

If you or anyone you know is interested in riding and would like to learn about the contribution please email me (Susan) at and I will get you in touch with Tim. 
Please consider supporting Tim in his journey with a monetary donation to the pelotonia.  Every little bit helps, even just $5 would be greatly appreciated.  Click here to donate. Much thanks bloggie friends! 


Ronald Obringer said...

"Be the change you want to see in others" Looks like you are rubbing off on Tim!! Great work!!

Tim Diersing said...

I'm not pleased with the way this entry was formatted. Format fail.

Ronald Obringer said...

not sexy enough?

Momswimbikerun said...

Issues should now be fixed and much sexier

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