Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Treadmill Hill Repeats

Vacation Bible School started this week and I’m volunteering everyday from 9 am until noon. 

Random VBS 006

This really only means one thing, my workout schedule is all out of whack.  Pretty much, if I don’t get my workouts in first thing in the morning, then I don’t them in at all. 

It’s just that I usually have activities in the evening or I am just unmotivated by the time the end of the day rolls around. 

It just so happens that one of today’s activities was Ella’s gymnastics class which is at the YMCA so I really had no excuse for not fitting in my workout. 

I checked my schedule and it called for hill repeats.  Ugh!  I’ll be honest, I have NEVER done hill repeats.  I can’t think of anything I would like less.  HA!

treadmill hills2

I warmed up for 5 minutes jogging at 5 to 6 mph.  My “hills” were to be a quarter of a mile long.  I did the first hill at an 8.5 incline.  I “ran” (I use that term loosely) at 5.0 mph and it was TOUGH.  I recovered for .25 miles first walking and then jogging again at 5.0 mph. 

Figuring an 8.5 incline was biting off a little more than I could chew, I reduced my incline to 7.5 for the following 3 “hills”.  I wound up running 2.53 miles in 31:56.  

treadmill hills

I was thinking the whole time I was running that I hope this “hill” training is actually going to translate into something helpful.  It’s hard to imagine what an 8.5 or 7.5 incline would look like outside.  Is that a bunny slope or a mountain?  Somewhere in between I suppose.  One day I do want to get out and do hills in “real life” and not on the treadmill.  You know, one day when it’s not triple digits.  When will that be again? 

weather triple digits

Oh right!  Not anytime soon!  So treadmill it is.  Whose idea was it to do a fall marathon and train through the Texas summer?  Who I ask you?  Never mind, don’t answer that. 


G. said...

Yes, who would plan such a thing!!! xoxo G.

Ronald Obringer said...

what kind of nut plans to train for a marathon in this kinda heat...some people are just crazy ;) I love hill repeats. Its a sickness i think, but i make my hills into games. I never look down during a hill repeat, my head stays aiming for the top of that hill and praying that it keeps getting closer!

Tri4Success said...

Treadmill hill repeats? Ugh. Shoot me now. At least outside you get the sense of accomplishment that comes with the top of the hill. FYI, 7% grades are exceedingly common in your area. The fun ones are the ones that start at 7-8%, you're fighting through it, then they ramp up to 13% for the last little bit. You can invent new curse words in that scenario.

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