Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Treadmill Speed Work

I headed to the Y today to tackle my speed work on the treadmill.  I’ll admit I carried, along with my iPod, my towel and my water bottle, a bad attitude.  I didn’t feel much like running, let alone doing speed work. 

My marathon training plan called for 4 x 800s today.  (You can read about my last Yasso speed workout at the track here.)  Today I didn’t get to go to the track for my workout (Read:  Sleep > working out at 6 am) so I had to do it on the treadmill.  At 9:00 am it’s too hot to do anything outside, especial run.

So here’s what my workout looked like:

20 minutes warm-up walking:  Basically I had to download Slacker to my phone again and it took a REALLY long time fiddling around with things.  I wouldn’t normally do a 20 minute warm-up, but just standing on a treadmill looks stupid. 

0.5 miles at 8 mph:  Somehow 8 mph in my head sounded like a good idea.  I really had no idea what pace 8 mph is and I couldn’t use my brain and my feet at the same time. 

.25 miles recovery 3.5 to 4.0 mph:  Why does 0.5 miles of speed work go sooooo slowly while .25 miles of recovery go so quickly?  I don’t’ know either!  Sucks!

0.5 miles at 7.8 mph:  7.8 seemed like a better pace to try.  At 1.28 miles into it (my interval ended at 1.5) I noticed that there was a pace key and I could hit it to see my pace instead of my mph.  Well I hit it and nothing changed, so I hit it again.  Turns out I was hitting the pause/rest button.  Sonofa!!!  I hate when that happens, it just throws everything off.  I started right back up and finished that interval, but I felt like I cheated with a little break. 

.25 miles recovery 3.5 to 4.0 mph:  Nothing to report here just lots of sweating and heavy breathing.

0.5 miles at 7.0 mph:  Ok I’ve gained some clarity and 7.0 mph is an 8:34 pace.  What the hell was I doing running at 8.0 mph (that’s like a 7:30 pace or something)?  I don’t want to be too ambitious.  Thinks to self:  How.in.the.hell. do people run at this pace for 26.2 miles?  Ohhhhh yeah, those people are skinny! 

.25 miles recovery 3.5 to 4.0 mph:  Tried to watch the Today Show and not get irritated by the people on the treadmills on either side of me.  Slow walker lady to my left, irritatingly fast guy to my right.  Who, by the way, made running at 7.0 mph look like a joke.  I hate people like him… no really I just hated HIM. 

0.5 miles at 7.0 to 6.8 mph:  At this point I’m trying to just finish.  I’m tired and wondering how I’ll be able to do 8 of these at the end of marathon training.  I lowered my speed to 6.8 mph with less then .2 miles to go (that’s a 9:05 pace).  I felt guilty and raised it back up after a tenth of a mile or so.  Still, I feel like I cheated again. 

.25 miles recovery 3.0 mph:  Thank God it’s over.  What’s for lunch? 

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XLMIC said...

Those sound so grueling on the treadmill…they are bad enough outside :P But hey! You did it!

Spinningitall said...

That is awesome! I can maintain under a 9:00/mile outside but for some reason on the treadmill, I can't get my speed past 6.4-6.5 without feeling like I am dying. Proof again that most of running is mental, ugh! You did great!

Erika Myers said...

That was a great interval workout! I hate doing those too, but sometimes the treadmill is helpful to figure out the whole pace thing and distance! I do a similar workout on the treadmill - 10x 1:00 at a 9% incline at whatever mph I can handle, with a 2 minute jog between each one. It's a great workout and goes by quickly!

Tri4Success said...

Great workout. Guess you learned a little lesson about understanding your speed/pace from the start? The interesting thing is you still got through it. Next time try starting from 7.0 and speed it up .3 each time so you finish on 7.9. You may surprise yourself.

Ronald Obringer said...

I agree with TRI4Success....start slow and ramp it up. thats what i do on my speed work on the dreadmill as well. I am up to 8.5mph for up to a half mile these days...i feel like i am sprinting sometimes...i need to do this at a track, at least the scenery would be better.

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