Sunday, August 21, 2011

16 Miles Towards San Antonio

I remember last year when I was training for the Austin Marathon and I crossed over into unchartered territory.  That is-- the distance beyond the half-marathon, completing more than 13.1 miles.  I don’t know why but I always feel like going beyond the half marathon distance crosses you over into “true” marathon training, a bridge if you will. 

Today, as I train for Rock n Roll San Antonio, my time came to run over 13.1.  In fact, today’s training schedule called for 16 miles.  Bianca had never run longer than the half marathon distance so today was her personal distance record.  It was an EXCITING day. 

We started off the morning with Julie.  Julie had just 7 miles on her plan this week as it was a step back week for her.  I think she had a little more spring in her step than we knowing she had an “easy” long run this week.

16 miles bc jkh

It felt good to be running with both my “girls”.  The conversation flowed and the miles went by quickly.  Before I knew it, Julie was hugging us goodbye and turning back for her car as Bianca and I continued on to tackle 16 miles. 

Since we had gotten such an early start the weather was bearable, but I was requiring a LOT of water and sweating like crazy.  I seriously have never sweat all the way through a shirt AND shorts before this Texas summer.  It’s quite disgusting actually. 

We hit the end of the trail at almost 7 miles and had to turn back.  It’s so discouraging to run out of trail and have to turn back before you’ve even hit the half way point, but we had no choice.

The miles seemed, to me, to have passed VERY quickly. I think I go off on tangents telling Bianca stories and she probably dreams of being buried alive as a welcome alternative to my pointless tales.  Nevertheless, she does not complain and my miles fly by.  

Before I knew it we were at mile ten and just 3 miles away from the car.  At that point I knew we had mileage to add on so as not to get back to the car and have to turn around and go back out.  That’s NEVER good for the psyche.  We decided to do 3 laps around the lake before we took off for the car. 

At that point it was obvious to me that my foot was rubbing on my shoe (I ordered new shoes but they’re not here yet).  I figured I was forming a blister, but I really didn’t know for sure.  My pace was definitely slowing, but I tried to keep it going just to get it over with. 

After hitting mile 14, Bianca and I shared a celebratory high-five and I congratulated her on entering into distances unknown.  It’s not like it was REALLY a big deal.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it wasn’t an achievement, but I knew she could do it… and much more.  Even so, it was a fun milestone to hit and I’m glad I was by her side when it happened. 

16 miles bc runs over half distance

With just 2 miles to go I was ready to be finished.  My feet were heaving, my body was soaked in sweat and I was STARVING.   We finished up with a lap of the parking lot and just like that 16 miles of training was complete. 

16 miles bc sdt

Here’s our breakdown:

16 miles splits

I took a chocolate Gu at mile 4, a Honey Stinger at mile 8 and, 4 honey stinger shot blocks at mile 13.  I also drank about 60 ounces of water during this run.  I felt like I had the perfect amount of fuel during the run and the appropriate hydration.  I just wish I would have eaten a bigger breakfast to keep me satisfied.  My stomach just doesn’t like eating a large meal when I first wake up in the morning.  I feel like I’d need at least 600 calories to keep me satisfied for 3 hours it took me to run this.  I guess I still have to figure that part out. 

Next week’s long run is 17 miles bringing my weekly total to just around 30 miles.  I really hope my lovely foot, that was in fact rubbing, doesn’t slow me down.  Warning… nasty picture to follow! 

16 miles blister


DiaryofaMadFatWoman said...

hahah - I love it! I still have yet to experience a blister like this. maybe one day when I'm insane enough to run a marathon!

p.s. - how do you get your splits into that nifty little chart? is that from your Garmin?

G. said...

Nice job - not so nice foot! xoxox G.

Ronald Obringer said...

geeewwwwwwww that blister is sweet. you might benefit from a shoe with maybe a little wider toe box? good run!! good times too!! keep it up...that sweat just means you were working hard.

Juliette Harmon said...

I love you both and I'm so proud of you!!

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