Monday, August 8, 2011

Birthday Season

Birthday season is upon us and the birthday wreath is already on the door.

Balloon wreath and tutu 013

I have one very excited seven almost eight year old on my hands. 

The Salt Lick Irons 012

If you know my kids at all, then you know birthday party planning occurs the day after the last party has been completed.  This year Nicholas commissioned a baseball birthday party.  Oh great!  Baseball, in August, in Texas.  I managed to talk him out of the backyard baseball game with every last person he’s ever spoken to and talked him into inviting just a handful of close friends to a minor league baseball game. 

birthday invite

So I’ve been hard at work for awhile planning out all the details of his party including the above invite. 

Every year I make shirts for his parties and this year he wouldn’t have it any different.   

Nicholas’ Birthday 2009

It so much more cost effective to make the shirts than to buy them.  I use the Avery Dark Fabric Transfers and $3 T-Shirts from Walmart.  Before you know it you have an officially illegally licensed product for less than $5 a shirt. 

Baseball Cookies 029Baseball Cookies 030Baseball Cookies 032Baseball Cookies 033

Baseball Cake and Shirts 006Baseball Cake and Shirts 007

These iron on transfers are easy to use with simple directions.  You can also use these to make yourself a cool race T-shirt.  I might iron my name on my marathon T-shirt so people will cheer for me.  Open-mouthed smile 

sdt wnt back of shirt

I also caught some creative energy from Sweet Sugar Belle.  This woman is ah-maz-ing!  Really there is no other word to describe her talents.  Check out these cookies that got me truly inspired. 

I could never dream of my cookies looking like hers.  If you look around her blog you will see this woman is simply gifted.  Having said that, I am REALLY proud of how MY cookies turned out.  I am really not an artsy/crafty person, but I do love to see smiles on my kids’ faces.  When Nicholas saw my cookies he said they were the best cookies he had ever seen and that I’m the best maker (clearly he hasn’t seen Sugar Belle) .  So regardless of my amateur cookie making abilities, it was a success.

This whole process was a lot of work, but I was able to make all this…

Baseball Cookies 017Baseball Cookies 021Baseball Cookies 009Baseball Cookies 028Baseball Cookies 019Baseball Cookies 025

… into these: 

Baseball Cookies 043

Baseball Cookies 037Baseball Cookies 042

Tomorrow I’ll be attempting to make the cake.  God bless whoever gets in my way when things start to go wrong.  I hope there aren’t any tears (from me or Nicholas).  After all, there’s no crying in baseball. 


Meaghan McGhee Grogan said...

Susan! Those cookies look awesome (yes, I mean YOURS)! And I love the birthday wreath! You are an awesome mom.

RunFitMama said...

I love the tradition of making t-shirts for the birthdays! I think I'm going to start that tradition this year in our house.

tracey smith said...

You are amazing and your kids are so lucky to have you as their mom.

momswimbikerun said...

Thanks Meaghan!

momswimbikerun said...

awwww thanks!

Lisa McCarthy said...

Cookies are amazing! I was waiting the other day for the finished picture so I'm glad to see these now. And I do think that you are crafty!

Tyly @ One Mile at a Time said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE it!!!!! I hope I'm half as creative as you when I'm a mom!!!

Kelly said...

Can I just start with the wreath. what fun! And yes the cookies look great. Can't wait to see the cake and it reminds to get into gear on my own birhtday planning

Ronald Obringer said...

mmmm cookies.

Juliette Harmon said...

Did you save any cookies for me? :) PS I still adore that balloom wreath you made and just may steal it!

amy_niklaus said...

Everything will be great!!! Now do you understand my stress levels? (especially considering who I was making cakes, not the kids...YOU!!). Hahahahahahahaha!

amy_niklaus said...

PS - Looks like you put all three kids in the time-out corner in that picture. Hahaha

G. said...

Cookies look wonderful. ummm you ARE crafty - haven't you figured that out yet. I guess we will see pics of the cake soon enough. You might cry, but it will all be FINE. xoxo G.

Melissa said...

Great job!!!

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