Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

It’s birthday season around these parts.  Four of the five Tirches have birthdays in a five week span.  If you include the blog, there are five birthdays in 36 days.  That doesn’t keep us from celebrating each and every one and today we’re reveling in MY birthday. 

Susans birthday 2011 041

Yes that is a fire ablaze my cake.  Don’t start counting flames, I assure you there are 29 (again Winking smile). 

George always goes above and beyond to make mother’s day and my birthday special.  Today was a “rough” day because after school consisted of a swim lesson, a dance class and a baseball practice.  They were all basically back to back, so that meant no family birthday dinner.   Instead I got take out and ate with Ella and Jack. 

When the other boys got home from baseball we had our “party”.  Part of the fun is that EACH kid AND daddy get me a gift.  You know I love gifts!  We started youngest to oldest. 

Jack got me an Under Armour visor.  I had told George I was going to go through these like crazy and I needed some extra.  Who knew he actually does listen when I rant. 

Susans birthday 2011 005Susans birthday 2011 006 

As you can see, Jack was extremely excited to give me his gift.  After I set it aside for a few minutes to open my other gifts he asked, “What did I get you again?”  I guess he wasn’t THAT involved in the process.  Ha! 

Ella made me a beautiful card that I could tell she spent a lot of time making.  She’s so proud of her drawings.  I don’t think she really understood what she got me, but I understood.  I understood loud and clear.  Ella got me a ONE HOUR massage!  SCORE!!!

Susans birthday 2011 017

Trust me when I tell you, this will not go to waste.  Do you see my face?  I am HAPPY.  And just so you know, I’m not waiting until post marathon.  This is going to be used after my first 20 miler and it’s going to be awesome.  I have NEVER had a massage.  Craziness! 

Nicholas was up next and I loved his card too.  I especially loved that in the picture he drew I had on my running gear.  It made me smile.  You can’t really see it in the picture, but I have on my pink and black running shoes.  That boy really pays attention. 

Susans birthday 2011 032

Nicholas got me something I so desperately needed, but have never managed to buy for myself.  He got me a stadium seat for all those hours I have to sit in the bleachers.  My @$$ thanks him!  I have no idea why Nicholas isn’t in any of these pictures.  Sorry buddy! 

Susans birthday 2011 037

Last, but not least, my present from George.  Remember the birthday list I created for him?  Well what do you think?  Did George pull through and get me something on my list or go out on his own? 

Susans birthday 2011 030

He’s a good boy!  He got me the black ceramic watch I wanted and it is gorgeous.  I like it A LOT and can’t wait to wear it!  Of the three things on my list, this is the one I REALLY REALLY wanted and I’m really happy to have it!  Who needs a dumb old vacuum anyway? 

I always feel very spoiled on my birthday and I love celebrating.  I’m very thankful for all the gifts, birthday wishes, and time spent with my friends and family for my birthday.  I am really a lucky girl and I couldn’t have wished for anything more! 

Susans birthday 2011 044


G. said...

......well you "could" wish your "other" family could have been there!! Great gifts George - I mean kids and George! You are truly blessed!! xoxoxo G.

amy_niklaus said...

Happy Birthday!! Damn girl...there ARE alot of candles on that cake! "I get a rose!"

Cooper Irons said...

Happy Birthday...that's alot of stuff! Love the watch!
Surprised that you didn't set off the smoke detector with that flaming cake!

Hannie said...


I've been a fan for awhile but decided to finally write in :)

Love that watch!

Total side note, my hubby and I are trying to decide what to do with our soon to be born baby's cord blood.

We've been using this site for info: , but thought it might be good to get a human perspective.

Just thought I'd float the idea by you for a post.

All the best!!!

Ronald Obringer said...

what a great birthday susan!! george always comes through...GOOD JOB GEORGE! and KIDDOS!

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