Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hill Training

Today I attempted something I don’t usually do.  In fact, I’ve only done it one time before and that was on the treadmill.  Today I tackled hill repeats OUTSIDE! 

As you probably all know, since you keep track of every detail of my mundane life I’m sure, I’m following Hal Higdon’s Marathon 3 as my marathon training program.  Although Marathon 3 doesn’t specifically call for speed work or hill training I have decided to incorporate both into my training. 

on your markgrand mesa hill2

Here are Hal’s thoughts on hill training. 

“Hills: Some hill training will help strengthen your quads and build speed. Look for a hill between 200 and 400 meters long. Jog or walk an equal distance between each repeat. I prescribed only three hill sessions, all in the first half of the program, but if you want to do more hill training, be my guest. You can substitute hill repeats for any of the interval workouts, or even in place of a Tempo Run or two if you want.”

Since I figure my legs could use a little quad strengthening and God knows I could use a little speed, I’ve been putting in a solid effort with my speed work.  Plus incorporating speed workouts and hill training breaks up the monotony of just dragging along getting the miles in.  Dare I say… I like it! 

Anyway, today’s hill workout consisted of 5 X .25 miles (400 meters) with .25 miles rest (walk/jog) in between.  It was the usually 14,000 degrees outside and the sun was intense. 

hills pasa

Looking down the hill from the top.  Pretty view.

The hill was exactly .25 miles.  There were 3 “climbs” and 3 places where the hill flattened out a bit, but we were gaining elevation the entire time.  The second climb of the hill was a beast and I swear at times I was barely moving but I focused on the task and got it done.

hills elevation chart

I spent a lot of time looking at this today— Bianca’s backside.  haha She truly does amaze me as she just takes off up the hills like they’re nothing and I’m trying to keep as close to her heels as possible as not to embarrass myself. 

hills bc2

Even though I was WELL behind Bianca I’m actually pleased with my pace.  My average moving pace was a 12:18 mile and that INCLUDES the time walking (until I stopped panting breathing heavily) and then jogging back down the hill. 

hills timing

I’ll be interested to revisit these times again in three weeks when we do hills again and see if I can improve upon my times.  I’m cashing in on Hal’s guaranteed sexy quads too!  What?  That’s how I read it!  Just me?  Well fine… then I better be faster. 


Ronald Obringer said...

you will be!! keep it up!! Hill repeats will give you speeed. another great hill workout is to go out around your neighborhood and run at 80% race pace for the flats and downhills. run full race pace and attack the hills no matter how short or long. We used to do a loop in highschool that was almost exactly 6 miles it was BRUTAL with 3 or 4 seriously steep hills. Our goal time was to complete it in under 50 minutes. The varsity (me and 7 others) had to finish it in under 48 minutes...if only i could do that now.

adriennesills said...

Wow! Hill work kills me. Thank you for the sweet message!!! I wrote you back:)

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