Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I’m a Runner IV

I got my new Runner’s World magazine today.  You know what that means right?  The continuation of the I’m a Runner series.  

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Susan Tirch

Mother of 3 Small Children 36, Texas

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The difference between training for a race and being a mother is that all the hard work and training that goes into a race sometimes ends in disappointment.  With being a mom, the hard work ALWAYS pays off with a kiss, a hug, or a simple smile from your children. 

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I was never planning on running a marathon when I first started running.  In fact, I thought “those people” were nuts.  For me, after I accomplished the half marathon I felt like I had to move on to the next thing to prove to myself that I could do it.  I hope this doesn’t mean that there is an ultra somewhere in my future. 


I ran the Livestrong Austin Marathon as my first (and only at this point) marathon.  It was a hard physical and emotional journey.  I’m hoping this (Rock n Roll San Antonio— November) marathon will be easier on me in both ways. 

Some people run and never even enter into a race.  I race because it helps me to stay focused on my day to day fitness.  If I know I have a 12 mile training run scheduled I generally don’t skip it.  Without the destination I’d probably not take the journey. 

Before I did my first half marathon I had only done 2 races in my life, both 5Ks.  I love the feel of a race day.  The excitement is so motivating and the adrenaline always kicks in.  Motivation + Adrenaline = Personal Records

Midway through the marathon I thought to myself if I see one more hill I will surely NEVER finish this race, but I was proud of the way I tackled the hills.  My friend Tracey taught me to tackle the hill hard and get it over with and “coast” on the way back down.  I passed so many walkers on those hills and I’m proud to say not one of those mountains Winking smile got the best of me. 

Running opened up the door to so many great friendships in my life.  Some of my best friends, in fact most of them, are runners and I cherish all the miles we’ve logged together. 

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As a mother I’m always trying to set the best example for my children.  I hope one day my children will look back on their childhood with fond memories of cheering on mom at races.  Even if it seems boring now, my hope is their perspective will change as they get older and can really appreciate what I’m doing out there.


When I listen to music while I run I tend to find a deeper meaning to the song.  Kayne may not have been thinking about running when he wrote Stronger, but he’s motivated me through many a runs!

I love when you get the runner’s high.  It usually happens when you’re feeling like the run is going to be really difficult in your mind, but it winds up being the perfect combination of tough yet satisfying (basically because you kicked butt that day).  Even a bad run is better than no run at all and I’ve never once, as in ever, regretted going for a run. 


Jamie H. said...

I really love these "I'm a runner" posts! So many things (like motherhood) that I can relate to. Thanks for sharing. You a huge inspiration to me.

G. said...

You are a real example to your children. They know the healthy lifestyle and will always follow it!!! xoxo G.

tracey smith said...

Great post. Your last line inspired me to get on the treadmill tonight when I almost skipped it. Thanks for motivating me!

Ronald Obringer said...

best i'm a runner yet.

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