Monday, August 22, 2011

In the Blink of an Eye

How do you go to sleep one day with a baby girl…


… and wake up the next with a Kindergartner?  It’s not fair! 

eet posing

Ella was very excited about her first day of school.  I walked into her room just after 6:30 am and her eyes popped right open as if she’d been awake and waiting for me.  She was filled with enthusiasm and ready to go. 

Nicholas… oh Nicholas.  He, on the other hand, pulled the covers back up over his head and begged to not have to get out of bed.  He whined as I ripped the covers back and curled into a ball.  I wasn’t surprised, however, because Nicholas has never really enjoyed school.  Regardless, he got up and ready, but with a tad less anticipation of what lied ahead.


Things were going along pretty well.  We had breakfast, lunches, snacks, water bottles and back packs were ready and waiting.  The only thing left was mom’s photo session.  There will never be a shortage of those.  Again, Ella was excited.  Nicholas was NOT! 

eetwnt 3rd gradeeet wnt2

Ready or not we got on our preferred method of transportation (Bike for Nicholas and scooter for Ella.) and we were off for the first day of school. 

eet scooter wnt eet ride wnt bike

We got to school a little later than I anticipated.  I think it was due to our extended photo session, but I had to document the days events for Dad who is out of town  the blog. 

eet wnt school sign

I walked Nicholas to his classroom and wanted to kiss him goodbye, but thought better of it.  He’s EIGHT you know and can’t be kissed in front of all his friends.  He’s never said it before, but I know he wouldn’t like it and I didn’t want to be THAT mom.

By the time we made it to Ella’s classroom they were already saying the Pledge.  It seemed everyone else was in place and we were scurrying around.  I barely kissed her on the cheek and left her at her desk as she looked at me with puppy dog eyes.  I knew she’d be fine and I left. 

eet classroom

And just like that two of my three kids are in school ALL day.  It definitely makes me sad.  I’m not one of those moms who looks forward to sending her kids off to school all day.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy some peace and quiet, but overall I miss them.

Everyone warned me that your kids grow up so quickly.  I just didn’t think it would be in the blink of an eye. 


G. said...

I tried to tell you! xoxo

Tracey said...

They are growing up so fast! I don't think I have ever seen Ella's baby pictures. I think she looks so different already! I am so ready for school to start here. Two more weeks.

Unknown said...

Yes, it's very hard! Good job, Mom!

Ronald Obringer said...

i am just going to take a 1000 pictures a month of noah to document the majority of the seconds of his life...can't i keep him little forever?

amy_niklaus said... can this be happening??? Keep kissing that boy!!! Even in front of his friends!

Erika Myers said...

Your kids are absolutely adorable! People tell me about how fast time goes too - my daughter is 2 and time is already flying by!

Best of luck with the school year!

goofycancook said...

Hi there! Just wanted to drop in and say hello. Found your blog from Carrots N Cake's post about finding local bloggers. Your three kids are adorable, and I love the picture of all five of you in Disney World (my favorite place ever1) Look forward to reading more about your adventures in running, just started running again!

Momswimbikerun said...

Thanks! Glad you're hear reading. Sometimes I just think it's my mom out there. hahaha I agree Disney is the best place ever. I always say how can you be in a bad mood at Disney World. It just doesn't happen. Thanks for following along!

Momswimbikerun said...

Thank you so much. Don't you wish you could just freeze them!

Momswimbikerun said...


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