Saturday, August 13, 2011

Learning to Wakeboard

We’ve spent the last two days having a lot of fun in the water.  Yesterday we went to Texas Ski Ranch where we went to let Nicholas learn to wakeboard on a cable.  If you’re not sure what that’s all about then follow this link and watch the video.  Basically instead of being pulled behind a boat your are being pulled by a cable.  It makes the learning process a WHOLE lot easier. 

wnt ready

Nicholas literally learned to wakeboard in less than 2 hours.  Actually he got up on the first try and made it down the whole cable line by the third time down. 

wnt ramp wnt start wnt turnedwnt up

I decided to give it a whirl too.  I had been wakeboarding one previous time and struggled getting up.  By the time I learned how to get up I was too tired to really try much else.  Let me tell you, learning this way is sooooo much easier.  I got up on the first try too! 

sdt startsdt start2sdt turn sdt up2

It wasn’t long before others in the family wanted to try too.   Ella tried wakeboarding too and was able to pop right up, but after her first face plant she wasn’t having any of it.  She switched over to knee boarding which was just her style. 

eet knee boardeet starteet going

Then there was Jack. 

jtt sdtjtt startjtt upjtt up2

Can you believe he got up too?  I know I couldn’t.  It didn’t last long though.  He just didn’t have the comprehension skills to understand that he had to keep his weight in his butt and kept doing a face plant.  He wanted to keep trying, but once he went down he had a hard time swimming with the wakeboard attached, but also couldn’t get it off to swim without.  I felt badly holding up the whole line so he switched over to knee boarding too.  If it were up to him though he would have kept trying.  We’ll definitely take him back for another try. 

Oh and I forgot (not really), George did it too.  He got up the first time, was able to do it, and did it well.  Annoying.  Why can’t I be better at anything?  Winking smile

gpt start gpt turn gpt up

Towards the end of the two hour sessions Nicholas started gaining a lot of confidence and attempted a few hops (which I was informed were not hops but JUMPS).  He amazes me.  I guess that’s just part of being a kid.  You think you can do anything, and well… you can. 

wnt jumpwnt jump2wnt5

Nicholas was eager to take his skills to the lake and wakeboard behind my friend Julie’s wake jet ski.  So we headed to Lake Belton today to test out the waters. 

I tormented Nicholas making him visit the waterfall and do other mundane tasks before he FINALLY got his chance. 

famkidsfam2sdt jkh

I wish I had pictures to share of Nicholas’ success, but they’re on Julie’s Flip Video and I was too eager to blog to wait.  Plus you’ve kind of seen it all already.  Basically, he popped right up behind the jet ski and did better than he did yesterday.  Hmmmm he sounds annoying like someone else I know.  Darn you Tirch boys for being good at everything. 

Oh well, I’m still queen of the world (albeit self-declared). 



Ronald Obringer said...

boys rule girls drool:) long live thequeen!

G. said...

"Extreme" family fun! xoxo G.

letty said...

looks like so much fun!!

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