Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Marathon Rant

I just realized today that marathon training is more than half over.  I’m currently in my 13th week of my 24 week training program.  Up until now the program has been relatively “easy”, but the challenging times lie ahead. 

Here’s my mileage per week over the last 13 weeks. 

weekly mileage weeks 1 to 13

As you can see I went from running just 12 miles a week to finishing last week with 26 miles.  (Hey at least it’s spread out over a week, I’m going to run that in under 5 hours come November).  At the peak of marathon training I will top out with 32 running miles in one week. 

Sometimes it’s hard to wrap my head around running 17 miles on Sunday, doing a speedy 5 miles on Tuesday and then another 10 miles on Thursday and that doesn’t even include ALL the other workouts. 

Marathon training is HARD and I’m tired and I’m hungry.  You might remember the Fit Challenge and the fact that I’m trying to lose weight while marathon training.  (Just because I haven’t really talked about it doesn’t mean that it’s not going on.  I actually have my third weigh in on Friday and I intend to post about the results.)  Spoiler Alert: 

Calorie Counter

4 week results

My point is, working out 6 days a week to train for a marathon, WHILE trying to lose weight and still trying to be a decent mom/wife/housekeeper/laundress is hard and I’m feeling a bit worn out. 

The good news is I love a challenge and I’m now looking forward to my weekly long runs.  Nothing says accomplishment like running double digits before 10 am on a Sunday.  I’m just trying to figure out how NOT to be a raging bitch in the meantime. 

Today I did a 1 hour Bodypump class, then did 4 miles on the elliptical and then did a spin class.  When my friend Joelle, who was doing the spin class with me, realized I had done the other 2 things before she asked me, “Please tell me you’re wiped out after this.”  At the time I didn’t really think I would be, but after moping around all day I realized I am. 

I understand this is all just a huge rant, but it’s just a TRUE reflection of what it’s like to be a mother of 3 training for a marathon.  I’m tired, things around the house are suffering (kinda like this) and I’m beginning to feel a bit guilty about it. 

I mean, which do I want to be?  A better mother or a better runner?  The answer is obvious!  Time to buckle down, get my priorities straight.  I can train AND be a good mom.  So, don’t worry kids, mommy’s got your back! 


Note to Self:  May need more food


tracey smith said...

I could have written this myself. Off to run 5 on the treadmill . . .

G. said...

You body tells you what you need. If you need food, eat. Again, you are amazing! xoxo G

Ronald Obringer said...

keep your snack choices healthy like apples, bananas, and other filling fruits and veggies...they will help to keep you from feeling sluggish, unlike nachos and cheese...which will only drag you down.

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