Tuesday, August 2, 2011

NYC Here I Come

Remember when this happened? 


Well never fear my friends because my NY dreams may NOT be over after all.  No no no I didn’t get “IN”, but I might be going as a spectator.  I’m pretty much all set in my Lady Liberty duds.

sdt statue of liberty

You see my friend Tim is running the NYC marathon and Dedie and Cooper have invited me along with them to spectate in this awesome event. 

irons insert me here

I am so excited, but first there are some details to iron out.  You know like sucking up to George since I will have to pay for a flight and all the other expenses that go along with traveling to NYC. 

George have I told you lately that you are not only intelligent, but also a very handsome man? 

gpt hearts

Seriously people, get excited.  NYC here I come…. maybe… hopefully… I better be. 


G. said...

Sigh xoxo G.

Ronald Obringer said...

you could just sneak in and run it anyways...you just will have to time yourself...lol ...

Feener44 said...

i live in nyc for 13 years post college and there is nothing like nyc on marathon day. it is truly amazing

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