Thursday, August 18, 2011

Student Runner Report

Tonight was open house at the kids’ school.  It’s the time to come meet your teacher, find out if you have class with your friends and drop off your school supplies. 

I’d show you pictures of my kids dressed in their best duds smiling in front of their classrooms but..

A)  Nicholas went there with a Kool-Aid mustache and a stained T-shirt (Who am I?).  In my defense he came directly from science class at the “Y” where he got said stain and said mustache.

B)  I suck and took no pictures.  (Again.. Who am I?)

I’m been left with a lot of homework (i.e. paperwork to fill out) including Nicholas’ Student Report so that his teacher may get to know him.  So I figured I’d fill out my Runner Report and share some things with you here. 

Susan’s Student Runner Report

What are your running strengths? 

I definitely have a positive attitude about achieving success in my training.  I know, by following my running training plan I can achieve my goals.  It never really crosses my mind that I can’t do something.  Sure I may do it slower or look more stupider Winking smile but I WILL get it done.

In what area does your running need improvement? 

Oh jeeze where do we start?  I definitely need to work on speed and consistency, but I also need to work on form. I’m definitely a heel striker and I’d love to learn to run on the balls of my feet and lengthen my stride.

heel strike

What about running makes you happy? 

I’m always happy when I have a good run.  The kind when all the stars align and you run good and feel good.  Sometimes you feel good, but your body won’t cooperate and sometimes you feel like hell and work really hard for a good run.  I’m talking about the days where you feel like you can run forever AND you’re moving fast. 

What frustrates you about running? 

It frustrates me that I’m working really hard lately and don’t seem to be improving, but my tenacity will not allow me to give up.  I will return to my sub 10:00 mile days.  I don’t know when, but someday! 

How well do you think your running relates socially with other runners? 

I’m a running social butterfly.  Ha!  If you have on sneakers I’ll ask you to run with me! 

bc sdt warm up

sdt wnt jkh run

What are your goals for your running? 

To run a sub 2:00 half marathon and a 4:30 Marathon. 

How did you feel about running last year? 

I went through a lot last year and I was happy to finish a marathon.  I had a goal to finish in less than 5:00 and was glad I made it (barely).

results austin marathon

Have there been any major changes or stress in your life recently that would affect your performance at running? 



Special talents that you are willing to share: 

I can make a mean set of bunny ears. 

jhk mh sdt


adriennesills said...

So funny how you think your times are slow, when to me they are so fast!!! great post. :)

Ronald Obringer said...

keep on plugging away at it...the times will come!

Juliette Harmon said...

LOL! Your crazy!!

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