Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Track and Field

I feel the need… the need for speed.  Ok not really, but Tuesdays are speed work days so I did head to the track with Bianca and all the kiddos to tackle 5 X 800s.  I asked Nicholas to take some pictures of us while we were running so I had something to use on the blog.  Here’s what I got. 

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Excellent quality no?  Oh and I got this too (plus 100 outtakes). 

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Oh well.  You win some you lose some.  Regardless of the lack of pictures the workout itself went pretty well.

5 X 800 Yassos

  • 0.5 Mile Warm Up:  6:45 13:29 Pace (???? why so slow I have no idea)
  • First 800:  4:07/8:17 pace
  • .25 mile Recovery (walk, jog combo):  3:22/13:29 pace
  • Second 800:  4:21/8:42 pace
  • .25 mile Recovery:  3:52/15:28 pace
  • Third 800:  4:31/9:02 pace
  • .25 mile Recovery:  3:43/14:06 pace
  • Fourth 800:  4:30/9:00 pace
  • .25 mile Recovery:  4:58/19:57 pace
  • Fifth 800:  4:36/9:14 pace
  • .45 mile recovery and cool down:  7:15/15:30 pace

Total:  52:05 4.44 Miles

If you consider the combination of the wind and the heat today I’m okay with the way the workout went.  Sure I’d like to be a little faster, but I’m just supposed to run my Yassos at 4:30 and I did at least that for most.  Hopefully today I got a little faster. Open-mouthed smile 

The rest of the day was dedicated to the making of the cake for Nicholas Birthday celebration.  I’ve talked about my kids’ birthday cakes in the past.  Their Aunt MiMi (my sister Amy) has made all their birthday cakes and she does an amazing job.  Being as she is 1200 miles away she won’t be making this year’s masterpiece.  It was up to me and I have a lot to live up to. 

I’m pleased to announce that after seven hours of hard work I managed to come up with my own little masterpiece. 


Let’s get this party started! 


tracey smith said...

Wow! A great workout and a spectacular cake. You had a very productive day! I know the party will be great- have fun!

momswimbikerun said...

thanks tracey!

Tyly @ One Mile at a Time said...

Wow, you are mom of the year!!! First everything you posted yesterday, and now the awesome cake!!!

PS - I LOVE the Steelers cake!!!!

amy_niklaus said...

Yay!!!! You did it! Looks fantastic! Have fun!

Juliette Harmon said...

Nice job!!

Tri4Success said...

Nice job on the cake. Turned out great!

G. said...

Great job on both counts! xoxoxo G.

Ronald Obringer said...

great workout...awesome cake.

lis said...

Wow!!!! Great job!!!

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