Saturday, August 20, 2011

We Have Each Other

One year ago today I packed ALL my belongings, my husband and my children and moved 1200 miles across country.  We hadn’t a place to live nor knew a soul, but we had each other. 

Moving to TX and First Day of School 002

We spent the first 10 days in Texas suffering through triple digit heat and a living in a one bedroom hotel room.  I was barely able to move my arm and life seemed pretty low, but we had each other.

sdt front liftsdt side lift

Soon enough we were in our apartment as we waited for our house to be built.  It wasn’t the home I had hoped for in Texas, but we had a swimming pool, we had a roof over our heads, we had just enough “stuff” to keep everyone happy, and we had each other.

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The holidays soon arrived and it began to set in that it was just the five of us.  We decorated our tiny trees and hung our stockings from the window sill.  It was hardly what we were used to, but I realized none of it mattered because we had each other.

Decorating the Christmas Tree 2010 017

Before I knew it, a little less than six months had passed, and we were FINALLY able to move into our new home.  It felt like life in Texas could finally begin. 

Yet, there have been times I have felt so out of place.  I have had some of my lowest moments in life in 2010 due to my injuries and illness.  Nothing in life seemed familiar, nothing seemed to be my own and quite frankly nothing seemed to go right.  However, I trusted in God and trusted that whatever was meant to be for me and my family would be. 

So, I began to embrace life in Texas.  I decided Texas wasn’t just a place to live and we started taking advantage of everything it had to offer. And you know what?  It started to feel like Texas was our home.

family croppedfamily3

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So yes, it’s been 365 days since I first stepped foot on Texas soil, but who knows how many days until it finally clicked.  A city, nor a home do not a family make.  It’s us.  It’s me and it’s George.  It’s Nicholas, Ella and Jack.  It doesn’t matter where we live or what we go through.  All that matters is we have each other. 


Unknown said...

I'm tearing up..that was beautiful!!

Ronald Obringer said...

That is a Great Post.

G. said...

That's the truth and I'm glad you realize it! xoxo G.

adriennesills said...

I loved this post! We just moved from Cali to Tennessee....I had major health issues. I miss family a lot. But you are right!! I have MY family. :) Thanks for this!
Adrienne Osuna

lis said...

Luv this!!! A year already!!!@

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