Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bat Sh*t Crazy 20 Mile Run

Today started off like any normal Sunday these days.  I woke up at 5:00 am and got ready to hit the road.  Only thing is, I didn’t wake up at 5:00 am.  I snoozed until 5:09 and that got me running late and I wound up forgetting my Garmin.  I hate forgetting my Garmin (but Bianca had hers). 

Anyway, we decided to head to the Town Lake trail instead of our usual since we had 20 miles on the training plan.  It makes a big difference to tackle this type of distance on a longer trail.  The Town Lake Trail has 3 loops-- a seven mile loop, a three mile loop and a longer one that I have no idea about.  We did two seven mile loops and two three mile loops. 

20 miles town lake map

When we first got to the trail it still looked like the dead of night.  I wasn’t really feeling it as I couldn’t see and I felt kind of creepy being downtown in the middle of the “night”.  Regardless of how I felt, we were there so it was too late to decide it was a bad decision so we headed out.

So as it was just breaking dawn and I was anticipating the biggest hill of our run, I apparently decided it was a good idea to make a face plant. I tripped over a bump in the sidewalk and I couldn’t recover and I fell.  Ok so I didn’t land on my face, but that is only because I dove for the grass (so I wouldn’t land on the sidewalk and bleed).  I wound up landing on my hip.  I was bruised (ego) but not really hurt.  All I could do is laugh.  Only I can fall while running.  I told Bianca if she was a good friend she would have grabbed her camera and documented it for the blog, but she only tried to help me, brushing off the dirt and she didn’t even laugh at me. 

It wasn’t long and I was back up and running.  Then at just about mile 6 we came across the Congress Bridge which is home to one of the largest bat Colonies in… well I don’t know, but I think in the country.  Anyway, there are a shit ton of bats and they were scary and we had to run through them.  The bats were all squeaking and their poo smelled like… well, like poo.   I told Bianca we should go as fast as we could and I took off, and my water bottle dropped out of my belt.  I screamed, I picked it up all awhile envisioning the bats swooping down to attack me.  No worries, I wasn’t attacked by any bats and once again Bianca didn’t laugh at me. 

20 miles bat

Hard to see, but all those black specs are bats

From that point on things were pretty uneventful.  I felt decent until about mile 14 when things started to hurt.  By things, I mean anything south of my waistline.  My feet hurt, my hips, my hamstrings, my ankles… well you get the picture.  I just wanted to push through and get it done.  I expressed to Bianca that I would be proud of myself to even finish.  I had an exhausting couple of days preparing for Ella’s party and I hadn’t really prepared to run 20 miles today (I didn’t rest or hydrate).  So, just getting 20 miles done was an accomplishment.  We were happy. 

20 miles sdt2020 miles bc20

We wound up finishing up in 3:41 which was an 11:04 average.  I was beyond happy with that time today.  I still have a 22 miler and another 20 miler on my training plan. I know with each of these runs I will get stronger and condition my body to hopefully go a little bit faster on the big day.  Just having one 20 miler under my belt already makes me feel good. 

I’m really sore including my hip that I bounced off the ground when I fell.  I think I’ll take the day off tomorrow and hopefully recuperate from all the events of the weekend. 


DiaryofaMadFatWoman said...

what type of shoes do you have again?

oh, and also, YOU GUYS ARE SO FREAKING CUTE! How you can run 20 miles and not look like you're dying is beyond me.

p.s. check out the new layout I got from crafty hippo... thanks to you!

Maria said...

OK - let's just set the record straight here....NEVER would I willingly run where there are bats!!! (OK - I would never be running ever, but still....BATS?!!!)
Way to go!!! I love the matching pink shirts!

amy_niklaus said...

Good grief!! Thank god you didn't land on your shoulder...this would have been a much different blog. Embrace the bats...they eat stink bugs. I'm thinking about transporting the bats that live at the lake back to Pgh. Haha.

robringer said...

every runner takes a dive every once and a while...welcome to the CLUB! wait till the day you are out running with friends and someone gets taken out by a sign or a parking meter...much less gracefully than a fall...because one minute you are talking to them and the next minute they are just gone.

Tim said...

I'll have to say that I've never ran through a colony of bats least that I know of. That was not only quite impressive but brave too. Keep up the good work ladies! Our marathon days are closing in on us. See you in NYC!

Kristen said...

For future reference, that 'longer loop' is a 10miler. Just keep on going from where you would normally turn off for the 7 mile loop, and follow the trail. I would caution against going out there alone or in the dark, but I think it's fine in daylight and with company. If you run the 10 mile loop on either a Saturday or a Sunday morning, there's usually plenty of other runners on the trail. And there are a couple of water fountains and bathrooms along the way.

Susan Diersing Tirch said...

Thanks, I'd like to try the longer route but I've been warned that it's a bad neighborhood and I'm afraid I'll get lost. Is it clearly marked?

Susan Diersing Tirch said...

VERY excited for NYC

Susan Diersing Tirch said...

I did that once but not while running... you can guess what I was doing! hahaha

Susan Diersing Tirch said...

I have saucony progrid mirage. I love the new layout. I still have to read your triathlon recap, but I checked out the design and it looks great :D

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