Friday, September 30, 2011

Bib Superstition

Today the beautiful, lovely, talented, smart, caring Julie (What? Nosiree no sucking up here, it’s all true!) picked up my packet for me for the IBM Uptown Classic race on Sunday.  I’m running the 10K! 

jkh ibm packet pick up

(It looks like some other people did some sucking up flattering too).  Thanks Jule!  You’re the best!  Really I do mean that.  You’re a great friend! 

Anyway, I HATE my bib number!  Yes I said hate!  I like even numbers or numbers that end in 5.  Don’t ask me why it’s just a “thing” I have, but I got bib number 151.

IBM Uptown Classic Packet pick up 007

As soon as I got it out I had this impending feeling of doom (dramatic much?) and figured this was just going to be a bad race.  BUT….. dum dum dum…. then I remembered (don’t ask me how…. ok you can ask me how, but I’ll explain that later) Pittsburgh Half Marathon 2010.

Pittsburgh half marathon 2010

Do you see that?  Do you?  Bib number 8231.  You see?  It ends in 1.  The bib for IBM ends in 1.  Making any connections (Duh they both end in 1 dummy.)  It might be a good race after all. 

Sidebar:  So if you really want to know how I could remember such a mundane thing as my bib number from a race that occurred well over a year ago well I’ll tell you.  You see my birthday is August 31st or 8/31.  If you take the 2 out of that bib you’re left with my birthdate.  It’s a stretch, but I’m very bib number superstitious.  I felt good about having my birth month and day in my bib and it wound up being a PR day. 

From now on I’ll be accepting even number bibs, bibs ending in 5 AND bibs ending in 1 as bibs with positive mojo.  Bib number 151 you are my friend and you’ll carry me on to a PR on Sunday (um never mind that I’ve never run a 10k before so I get a PR no matter what… that’s not the point). 

My point is, I refuse to accept any negative vibes towards my race on Sunday and will only allow myself to have positive thoughts.  Fast thoughts.  Think fast my friends!    Think Fast. 

IBM Uptown Classic Packet pick up 001


Cooper Irons said...

Good luck Sunday!

Susan Diersing Tirch said...


tracey smith said...

My bib number for the marathon is 1548. What does that tell you about me? Good luck on Sunday!

Susan Diersing Tirch said...

Well it's an even number so you're golden and 8 is GREAT! So there's that. Anything else you need just let me know ;)

G. said...

:0) xoxo G.

JulietteHarmon said...

AWWW- I feel so loved! But just so you know I'm not crazy about my number either. I have 147 and I like anything that is a multiple of 3 (sigh).
I AM super excited about this race, though!

Fancy Nancy said...

You are too funny with your bib!! What a better way to break the trend but to go out Sunday and ROCK your 10k!! Good luck!!!

Susan Diersing Tirch said...


robringer said...

*facepalm. lol ohhhh susan.

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