Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bitching and Moaning— 18 Miles

Today started VERY early once again.  The alarm went off at 5:00 am and we were on the trail just before 6:00.  Yes there were stars in the sky and yes Julie wore a headlamp.  It was epic, I want one! 

18 miles jkh

Julie had 13 miles on her training plan today and Bianca and I had 18.  We ran to the end of the trail again, which is just about 6.3 miles and then turned around to head back.  It’s getting harder and harder to make this trail work for such long mileage.  

18 miles end of trail

By mile ten Julie headed for the car and Bianca and I did our normal loops around the lake.  I think this time we did 5 loops.  It was hot, boring, and I wanted to be done.  It wasn’t until mile 15 that we finally headed for the car. 

18 miles self

Just like those girls lagging behind Winking smile 

There really isn’t anything special about this run.  It was another long run that was started early to combat the heat and ended with scorching sun and blistered feet. 

Here’s the breakdown: 

18 miles


I fueled just how I did for my last long run and this part I have down:

  • Prerun fuel:  4 fig newtons and Gatorade pre fuel drink thingy
  • Mile 4: Gu
  • Mile 8:  Honey Stinger chews
  • Mile 13: Gu
  • Post run fuel:  Everything in sight

As you can tell, I’m not overly enthusiastic with this long run.  I’m discouraged as I know I should be able to train for a marathon without my feet being destroyed.  I’m going to take charge and figure out what’s going on and resolve the situation.  I don’t plan to just bitch and moan about it, I just need more time to do some “investigation” into new shoes. 

Until then all bitching and moaning.  You’re welcome!  Carry on. 


Kdmann said...

Do you need new shoes or could it be your socks too? Is that all you eat before you run that long or do you eat that right before you run?

momswimbikerun said...

I don't know if the blisters are shoes or socks but I do know my toe pain is definitely a shoe thing (and I'm already wearing a full size bigger). that's all I eat before my long runs. I just can't stomach eating so early in the morning. On a race day I'll eat pnut butter toast.

Unknown said...

Your the greatest!! Thanks again for the run and sorry it was so painful for you!

amy_niklaus said...

The three of you are nuts!

G. said...

Oh how do you do it? xoxo G.

Tim said...

Hey it's 18 miles in the heat. You can bitch and moan all you want. Get some Nuskin See you ladies in New York!

Ronald Obringer said...

it could be sweat on your feet softening them up which then leads to blisters with the shoe rubbing. i would personally experiment with some socks, maybe some foot powder or a barrier cream on the feet as well...sorry don't have a better solution than that!!

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