Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Ella:

Dear Ella: 

On the eve of your birthday I’m writing this to remind you how much you are loved.  You are my sweet baby girl and it’s hard for me to imagine you as growing up and in Kindergarten no less.  It seems as though your baby years just slipped away and the memories are fading with time.  What I will never forget is the instant love I had for you—the love only a mother can have for a daughter.


The biggest word I can use to describe you is sweet.  You are so loving and offer hugs and kisses and “I love yous” to all the people around you.  You especially take to women as you admire their pretty hair or jewelry.  You love ANYTHING girlie, including high heels (only trying on mine of course) and anything that sparkles. 

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I describe you as “fa la la la la” because most of the time you’re carrying yourself in a carefree manner and don’t seem to really be paying attention to what’s going on around you.  The truth is, you’re smart as a whip and even if it doesn’t seem like you’re paying attention you are.  You’ll say something out of the blue that just amazes me and it will dawn on me that you really are soaking up everything and most things don’t get by you.  You should NOT be underestimated because whoever does so will be sorely disappointed. 

Like I said, you love all things girlie.  Whatever you’d expect your stereotypical girl to like, you like.  This includes dancing.  You take ballet, tap and jazz and have since you were just three years old.  I have seen your confidence grow (along with your ability) each year.  It’s your growing poise and attitude that I love to watch.  I think you know recital is your moment to shine and you take it.


You are, however, more than just a pretty face.  You play soccer and always take interest in “backyard games”.  It’s hard to remember your lovable nature when you’re playing sports because you get right in with everyone else and take charge.  It makes me proud that you’re well-rounded and can be the girlie girl we all know and love and still kick butt on the soccer field. 


Even though I’m not in any hurry to see you grow up, I am excited to watch you grow into a young woman.  I hope that you’ll continue to be MY GIRL and I’ll receive as many kisses and hugs.  I look forward to the relationship that we will have for our lifetime.  Today you’re 6 years old and I know time can not keep you from growing up, but you’ll ALWAYS be my little girl. 

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I love you and know that God gave me a special gift when he gave me you. 

Happy Birthday Baby Girl, Mommy loves you!


G. said...

So sweet! xoxo G.

Ronald Obringer said...

Have a great Hello Kitty Birthday Ella! Noah says hi!

Cooper Irons said...

Happy Birthday Ella!
Tim, Dedie and Cooper

XLMIC said...

Beautiful, beautiful girl! Happy birthday to her :) What a lovely and loving tribute :)

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