Monday, September 5, 2011

Dear Jack:

Dear Jack:

I can hardly believe that 4 years ago you came into my life.  In some ways it seems like long ago, but in others it seems like just yesterday.  You were such a good baby, you hardly ever fussed and you were a go with the flow kind of guy.  It was quite easy to love you. 


You’re a special little boy and everyone who meets you gets to know (and love) your personality right away.  I think it’s because you have this charm about you that is easy to fall in love with.  It’s not all charm though-- you have a devilish side.  You’re not mean or hateful you just like to push the limit as far as you possibly can without getting in trouble.  Just when you think you might be in trouble you flash your charismatic grin and you’re forgiven.  CHARM I tell you, CHARM! 

fave jtt

You say the funniest things with the straightest face.  I guess that’s because you’re not really meaning to be funny.  It’s hard for me not to laugh when you say your stomach is barking because you’re so hungry or when you refer to directions as erections.  You get so offended when I laugh and adamantly let me know, “It’s not funny.” 


You kind of have this attitude about you that says, “I do what I want.”  It’s not because you’re arrogant or bratty necessarily it’s just that you think you should be able to do what you want, when you want and it doesn’t occur to you that the world works otherwise.  So, if you want to scratch your butt you do… no matter where you are.  Even though it can be challenging at times, I love this about you.  I hope you don’t change and continue to think you can do with life what you see fit. 

jtt  butt

You melt my heart EVERY SINGLE DAY.  All you have to do is flash me a smile or tilt your head to the side as you roll your eyes to their corners and give me your look.  You give the best kisses and have ALWAYS loved to snuggle.  You do everything passionately so when you’re loving on your mommy it’s the best feeling in the world. 

sdt jtt kiss

You have that same passion for everything you do so when something doesn’t go your way you’re not afraid to express your distaste.  It’s these times when your temper shows (you can thank your Daddy for that), but I think it’s because you are truly offended.  Like I said, it doesn’t occur to you that things may not always go your way. 


In so many ways you are my “baby” and you possess a sweet, sweet innocence which is that of being a child.  On the other hand, having two older siblings has made you “old” and wise beyond your years.  It amazes me how much you know and how easily you learn to do things.  You really look up to both Nicholas and Ella and that is something I hope will continue always. 

eet wnt jtt kids

As a matter of a fact, nothing has to change—your charm, your sense of humor, your strong will, your passion and your intelligence will take you far.  Please remember, you’ll always be my baby. 


I love you more than these simple words can show.  Never change my sweet baby boy.




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<3 this....I love ur blog :)

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So very sweet! xoxo G.

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Happy Birthday Jack! stomach

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