Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of Preschool

I really don’t have anything to blog about tonight because my mind is numb from discovering this…

Cast photo of Bravo's Most Eligible Dallas reality series

These people are insane, but somehow they entertain me… and make me dumber!

Nevertheless I still wanted to remember Jack’s first day of preschool today so I’m here to share. 

He woke up this morning, and I kid you not, he wasn’t out of his bed more than 10 seconds and he started to whine, “Do I have to wear a button shirt?”  He could care less that he has to go to school, but he didn’t want to have to wear a collared shirt (aka a button shirt). 

He did, in fact, have to wear a button shirt and he looked awfully darn cute doing it. 

First day of preschool Jack 2011 005First day of preschool Jack 2011 006First day of preschool Jack 2011 008First day of preschool Jack 2011 009

Since yesterday was Jack’s birthday his teachers asked me at orientation if he’d like to celebrate his special day at school today.  I went with a balloon theme and made cupcakes into a balloon bouquet.  I liked it and it was relatively easy (aside from tinting all the icing). 

Jacks Birthday 2011 146

This year was really different from last in that he was pretty accepting of everyone singing to him.  I mean, he wasn’t jumping for joy, but he also wasn’t pouting.   He, and all the kids, really seemed to enjoy the cupcakes. 

Jacks bday school 004Jacks bday school 006Jacks bday school 007

I think all of Jack’s birthday celebrations are finally over and Jack officially feels four (to me).  Jack told me yesterday, “You know, I don’t feel four.  I don’t feel any different.  I still feel three.”  I understand buddy, you can still be three and I’ll be 29. 

Jacks bday school 009


G. said...

Wow - a lot of celebrations - lucky Jack! xoxo G.

amy_niklaus said...

That's really nice of the teacher to recognize his bday...could have easily let that one slip by and not deal with it. I love great teachers. LOVE the balloon bouquet...was the family any help in this? Somehow I doubt it.

Juliette Harmon said...

Nice close! LOL!

J L said...

love the balloon cupcakes

Ronald Obringer said...

i'm with jack, i still feel 3. makes it alot easier to get out of trouble when you just say, you can't be mad at me, I'm only freeee year old.

lis said...

glad he has a great day AND got to celebrate again!! Cupcake idea and him = super cute. Congrats one achieving your running goals compared to yrs ago!! You are an inspiration. I also agree with can we be 29? Birthdays creep up too fast & no longer get 10 parties lol

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