Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

I don’t know where to even begin describing this party because so much went into bringing the party to fruition.  Nevertheless, I had the best time creating this party and I wouldn’t take back a single moment spent making my vision into a reality (and there were a lot of them).  

First, I have to thank my friend Jami who came all the way from Pittsburgh to visit and planned her visit so she could help me with the party.  Without Jami’s help, I NEVER could have pulled off this party. 


First of all I made everyone Hello Kitty headbands.  I basically glued white felt onto a headband and added a red bow and called it a day.  This required the use of a hot glue and now I can officially commit a crime without leaving finger prints behind as they are now burned off, but I digress.  The headbands turned out quite cute and were adorable on all the girls. 

Ellas Birthday Preparations Hello Kitty 011Ellas Birthday Preparations Hello Kitty 015Ellas Birthday Preparations Hello Kitty 022eet3

We also painted each girls’ face with a little yellow nose and whiskers to help further the look of Hello Kitty.  It was beyond cute.  Look at these Hello Kitties. 

ic eet

Thanks to my beautiful face painter Tracy for taking over and fixing up all the girls (and yourself).  Tracy did a great job! 


Our first activity was creating Hello Kitty magnet picture frames.  Jami had the painstaking job of cutting out all the pieces for the craft projects (and trust me it was a lot), but it paid off.  This was my favorite project the kids created and something they could take home to remember the day. 


picture framepicture frame2

While their foam creations were drying we played our first game—Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty.  I’m sure this game needs no explanation.  To be honest, I thought the kids would be kind of bored with this activity, but they had a LOT of fun and asked to keep playing again and again. 

pin pin5pin3pin4

After I pulled them away from the game, we started our second craft.  Jami found the idea on the internet to make a Hello Kitty out of a paper lantern.  I think this will look adorable on the Christmas tree with a Christmas tree light inserted in the bottom.  I think I’ll even use the extras to make a snowman for our tree.  Anyway, the kids had fun creating these and they turned out so darling. 

lantern lantern2lantern finished2

At this point we were running out of time and I decided to ditch the last game because Ella really wanted to have time to open gifts while her friends were here.  So, we went right to the pinata.  Don’t laugh at the twig tree holding up our pinata.  We’re in TX, trees are harder to come by. 

Ellas 6th Birthday Party Hello Kitty 092

George came up with the idea to use a baseball bat as the pinata stick because he thought the girls wouldn’t even be able to break the pinata. 

pinata eet

Um yeah it didn’t take long to destroy this thing.  We barely made it through the line one time, but everyone DID get to hit once and everyone wound up with candy. 

pinata eet2pinata candy3pinata candy2

Finally it was time for the cake!  Oh the cake.  I have to tell you, I am pretty proud of this cake.  I had nightmares about using fondant as I’ve heard horror stories, but I felt like fondant was pretty easy compared to icing with regular buttercream.  I’d definitely use fondant again.  This creation was taken from ideas here and there on the internet and blending both mine and Jami’s ideas.  It turned out far better than I anticipated it would. 


cakecake blow cake3

We also made Hello Kitty Nip, pink popcorn, cookies and cake balls (no they’re not pops…. don’t ask).  My cookies had some problems too, but I don’t want to talk about that either.  No one’s perfect.  That’s what I’m telling myself, so go with it. 

kitty nip Ellas 6th Birthday 039

Ellas Birthday Preparations Hello Kitty 005Ellas Birthday Preparations Hello Kitty 007Ellas Birthday Preparations Hello Kitty 023Ellas Birthday Preparations Hello Kitty 028hello kitty cookies


Finally Ella got to open her presents, which let’s face it, is what she was looking forward to all day.  Who can blame her? I think it was worth the wait.

  presents presents2

Pretty soon it all the moms were coming back and the party had to come to an end.  Everyone went home with all their crafts and an AWESOME goodie bag (if I do say so myself) filled with cake balls, cookies, pencils, bracelets and much more.  I think the girls really loved them. 

treat bagstreatbags3

I could tell that Ella had a great day.  I want nothing more than for my children to remember their birthdays when they get older and let it be a reminder of how much I love them.  No, it doesn’t take a party to show your children that you love them, but love is creating memories and I’m certain I’ve done that today. 

Happy Birthday Ella Elizabeth! 



DiaryofaMadFatWoman said...

my god. how do you find the time for all of this stuff??? I can't wait to see the sweet 16. lol.

G. said...

Wonderful blog, wonderful party, wonderful Birthday for Ella! xoxo G.

Cooper Irons said...

Love the cake, the cookies, the face painting, the paper lantern... everything! Looks like a great time! =)

tracey smith said...

You are one amazing woman (bowing down to you right now).

kelly said...

The cake is awesome. I totally missed my sisters this year on the cake decorating for my kiddos so be careful, from now on, when they are not around, you may be reporting for duty.

Aluiken said...

So sweet...what a great job you and Jami did!

Savannahdv6 said...

OMG, all i want to say is thank you thank you thank you...
You just helped me for my daughters birthday!!!!
Loved everything.

Momswimbikerun said...

Oh I"m glad you liked it and hopefully got some ideas. I love sharing!

Abi said...

Awesome job! Did you have a meal or just snacks? I just made the headbands and can't thank you enough for sharing. I love the "cat nip" idea and popcorn. Is it anything special or just food coloring in popcorn? I've been going nutty trying to think of what to make for the boys who come. All ideas welcome. ;)

momswimbikerun said...

We served just snacks. I like to have parties during non meal times. We did make wraps (with tortilla, lunch meat and veggie cream cheese). We served pink lemonade. The popcorn, I think we did it with marshmallow and pink food dye. I can't quite remember. Google pink popcorn. Boys??? I can't think of anything right now, but I'll let you know if something pops in my brain!

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