Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to Tie Dye Paper

Ella got her first homework assignment last week and that was to create an “all about me” T-shirt made from poster board.  Well, when I think of decorating T-shirts I automatically think of tie dye (remember this?).  So how do you tie dye a piece of paper? 

Thanks to Google, specifically this post, (what did we ever do before Google?) I found out in about 30 seconds.  This is a SUPER easy project you can do too and you probably have all the stuff you need already at home. 

Start with shaving cream and food coloring (that’s really all you need).  I used color gel but you could use the liquid drops too.  Of course Ella picked pink and purple 

Ella about me t shirt 001

Create a layer of shaving cream in a shallow pan (I used a cookie sheet). 

Ella about me t shirt 002

Then add your food coloring and swirl some more.  Prepare to have pink and purple fingers for 24 to 48 hours.  I guess you could use a spoon or a spatula or something but I’m not that smart and using our fingers was much more fun. 

Ella about me t shirt 003

Now stick your paper into the shaving cream, and then pull it back. 

Ella about me t shirt 004

Now blot with a paper towel and fill in any areas you want to add more color. 

Ella about me t shirt 005Ella about me t shirt 006

After blotting you then wipe all the excess shaving cream from the paper.  I wet the paper towel before I wiped it clean and it worked fine since I was using poster board. 

The final effect does look quite tie dyed. 

Ella about me t shirt 009

Making this paper could be fun for lots of different projects for the kids.  I also think the tie dye would make an excellent scrapbooking backdrop. 

In our case, however, we had to decorate the shirt with all things Ella.  We added a tutu and included pictures of the family, a picture of her as a “baby” and pictures of her playing soccer and dancing.  She finished it off with all kinds of “girly” stickers.  She was really proud of her project. 

Ella about me t shirt 018Ella about me t shirt 019Ella about me t shirt 020

What other ideas do you have for tie dye paper?


G. said...

How creative - there's that gene moving down the line!! Umm could have used rubber gloves! xoxox G.

tie-dye 6 said...

can u acually wear the cardboard or is it just over the shirt?

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