Friday, September 2, 2011

I’m a Runner V

Don’t you love when you go to the mailbox and find the new Runner’s World?  I know I do, but probably for more than one reason.  The number one reason being, I don’t have to think about the topic for the nightly blog post.  Tonight is the 5th installment of the I’m a Runner series.  (In case you’re new around here, the I’m a Runner series is based off of the I’m a Runner feature found in the back of each issue of Runner’s world.)  You can find all my other posts below. 

Susan Tirch

Mother, Room Mom, Volunteer, “Retired” Pharmacist

37, Leander, TX

People always ask how I find the time to be a mom AND train for a marathon.  The truth is, it’s not easy and many days I’m tired and I feel guilty because I’m not able to put as much effort into being a mom.  However, at the end of the day my kids are happy and honestly nowhere near neglected.  Having a little bit of guilt is ok because when I do find my energy the guilt motivates me to “make up” for lost time.  So, it all balances out. 

I ran quite a bit in August.  95 miles to be exact, but that will not be the peak of my mileage as September and October will wear more tread from my shoes than any other months of marathon training.  My highest mileage to date was 124 miles in January of 2010 (training for Austin Marathon). 

monthly running sept10 to sept11

I used to hate to run, and if I’m being honest, I still do.  Most days I really don’t feel like running, I don’t particularly enjoy it while it’s going on, but when it’s over the feeling is oh so good.  I think when people say they love to run, what they really mean is they love the way running makes them feel.  Sure every once in awhile the actual act of running is fun, but mostly it just sucks, but that’s only if I’m being honest. 

When I started running I had NOOOOOOOO idea what I was doing.  My biggest piece of advice to any beginner runner is get a good pair of shoes.  Don’t ask Joe Smoe the marathoner what shoes he wears, don’t pick based on what a magazine says, and for God’s sake don’t pick a pair of shoes based solely on the way they look.  Instead, find an establish/reputable running store and ask them to help you pick a pair of shoes.  Take any old sneakers you have with you (even it they aren’t running shoes).  By examining the bottom of your old shoes, a lot can be told about your gait and what type of shoes will work for you.  Don’t be afraid to try on many styles, ask lots of questions and by all means take them for a spin first. 


My first big race was a half-marathon.  I was so nervous and excited all in one.  At that point, I had no idea if I could even tackle the 13.1 distance.  I had only run 12 miles and just one time, but like every race I trusted my training and it saw me through to the end. 

My actual chip time was 2:17

I might have never even thought about a full marathon if it weren’t for my friend Tracey.  I’ve said it before, but Tracey is a mother of 3 small children (just like me) and she’s always been able to be dedicated to her training.  She continues to be my inspiration and I lean on her for support often!

sdt tms finish

Because of my unwillingness to give up, I’m confident in my ability to finish this marathon.  Whether or not I’ll be happy with my time remains to be seen.  I’ve already done one marathon “just to finish” and I’d like to improve upon my time a bit.  What would be the point in doing the same thing over and over again and not expecting any improvement?  So this race I do better or there will be hell to pay (and tears shed).

Becoming a runner has opened up so many doors for me.  It has opened up the door to friendships, to not being afraid to try new things, and to accepting what I am and am not capable of today—right here right now.  What can I say, running is the gift that keeps on giving and it better give me something good on marathon day! 


G. said...

Keep on runnin'.................xoxo G.

Tracey said...

Thanks, Susan! I got my Runner's World today and knew you were going to do this post. I love these!

You inspire me too and have made me feel better about getting up early tomorrow and getting my long run in. Keep up all of the hard work- you are going to beat your goal for the marathon- I know it!

Ronald Obringer said...

nice blog.

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