Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I’m Sweating in my Armpits

Yesterday was Jack’s first day of soccer practice.  For some reason it is so hard for me to wrap my head around Jack being old enough to play sports.  It just doesn’t seem right as he is supposed to be my baby. 

jtt home

Jack is a “victim” of hand-me-downs and I guess as the youngest child he always will be.  So when I went to get him dressed for soccer I dug out Nicholas very first pair of soccer shorts. 


It took me back to the time I signed Nicholas up to play soccer (also his first ever sport).  He was barely 4, very shy with the other children and adults, but VERY willing to play.  Hmmmmm I guess Nicholas has passed along more than just his soccer shorts because Jack acted the EXACT same way. 

When they lined up to do their warm up Jack was a pretty willing participant, but when it came to the Jumping Jacks he stood frozen, unwilling to take part. 

First Day of Soccer Jack 2011 022

Shortly after he came over for a water break and explained, “I couldn’t do those Jumping Jacks.”  I’m not sure how he knew considering he didn’t even try, but it’s Jack so there’s no sense even trying to figure it out. 

He did well with the rest of the drills and had fun kicking the ball around and was actually quite good.  (As good as a 4 year old can be).  The most important thing is he had fun. 

jtt actionjtt kick jtt kick2

I could also tell he finally felt like HE has something.  Since Jack was a baby he’s been carted off to this sporting event and that dance recital and hasn’t been able to do much of his own.  Now he has his own shin guards (not hand-me-downs), his own ball (because I was the youngest too and know what it’s like to always have to use everyone else’s stuff) and some cleats (ok they’re not new) and I think he felt official-- like he was finally getting to be a big kid. 

jtt smile2

When it was all said and done George asked him if he had fun and he replied, in true Jack form, “Yeah I had fun, but I’m sweating in my armpits.”  Once again Jack, I know the feeling! 


G. said...

Love that kid!!! xoxo G.

Ronald Obringer said...

oh jack...you are too funny.

jamie@SweatyHugs said...

Haha! Way to go Jack!

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